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retire US English

Leave one’s job and cease to work, typically upon reaching the normal age for leaving employment

retiré US English

A movement in which one leg is bent and raised at right angles to the body until the toe is in line with the knee of the supporting leg

retire US Thesaurus

he has retired

retire English-Spanish

jubilarse, retirarse

retiré la mano de la bolsa in retirar Spanish-English

I took my hand out of the bag, I removed

I'm just waiting on my boss to retire in wait English-Spanish

estoy esperando (a) que se jubile mi jefe

ni a bala van a lograr que retire lo dicho in bala Spanish-English

there's no way they're going to make me take back what I said

he was four years shy of being eligible to retire in shy English-Spanish

le faltaban cuatro años para poder jubilarse

ni a palo(s) van a lograr que retire lo dicho in palo Spanish-English

there's no way they'll get me to take back what I said

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