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revolution US English

A forcible overthrow of a government or social order in favor of a new system

the Revolution in revolution US English

(In Marxism) the class struggle that is expected to lead to political change and the triumph of communism

French Revolution US English

The overthrow of the Bourbon monarchy in France (1789–99)

green revolution US English

A large increase in crop production in developing countries achieved by the use of fertilizers, pesticides, and high-yield crop varieties

Russian Revolution US English

The revolution in the Russian empire in 1917, in which the tsarist regime was overthrown and replaced by Bolshevik rule under Lenin

sexual revolution US English

The liberalization of established social and moral attitudes toward sex, particularly that occurring in western countries during the 1960s, as the women’s liberation movement and developments in contraception instigated greater experimentation with sex, especially outside of marriage

velvet revolution US English

A nonviolent political revolution, especially the relatively smooth change from communism to a Western-style democracy in Czechoslovakia at the end of 1989

October Revolution US English

see Russian Revolution.

American Revolution US English

The war of 1775–83 in which the American colonists won independence from British rule

Agrarian Revolution US English

The transformation of British agriculture during the 18th century, characterized by the enclosure of common land and the introduction of technological innovations such as the seed drill and the rotation of crops

Cultural Revolution US English

A political upheaval in China 1966–76 intended to bring about a return to revolutionary Maoist beliefs. Largely carried forward by the Red Guard, it resulted in attacks on intellectuals, a large-scale purge in party posts, and the appearance of a personality cult around Mao Zedong. It led to considerable economic dislocation and was gradually brought to a halt by premier Zhou Enlai

February Revolution US English

see Russian Revolution.

Glorious Revolution US English

The events (1688-9) that led to the replacement, in 1689, of James II by his daughter Mary II and her husband William of Orange (who became William III) as joint monarchs. The bloodless ‘revolution’ greatly enhanced the constitutional powers of Parliament, with William and Mary’s acceptance of the conditions laid down in the Bill of Rights

Industrial Revolution US English

The rapid development of industry that occurred in Britain in the late 18th and 19th centuries, brought about by the introduction of machinery. It was characterized by the use of steam power, the growth of factories, and the mass production of manufactured goods

information revolution US English

The proliferation of the availability of information and the accompanying changes in its storage and dissemination owing to the use of computers

permanent revolution US English

The state or condition, envisaged by Leon Trotsky, of a country’s continuing revolutionary progress being dependent on a continuing process of revolution in other countries

Russian Revolution of 1905 US English

The uprising in Russia in 1905

Daughters of the American Revolution US English

A patriotic society whose aims include encouraging education and the study of US history and that tends to be politically conservative. Membership is limited to female descendants of those who aided the cause of independence

counterrevolution US English

A revolution opposing a former one or reversing its results

palace coup US English

The nonviolent overthrow of a sovereign or government by senior officials within the ruling group

palace revolution in palace coup US English

The nonviolent overthrow of a sovereign or government by senior officials within the ruling group

paraboloid US English

A solid generated by the rotation of a parabola around its axis of symmetry

paraboloid of revolution in paraboloid US English

A solid generated by the rotation of a parabola around its axis of symmetry

revolution US Thesaurus

the French aristocracy was ill-prepared to quell a revolution

revolution English-Spanish

revolución f

palace revolution English-Spanish

revolución f de palacio

Industrial Revolution English-Spanish

the Industrial Revolution

revolution counter in revolution English-Spanish

cuentarrevoluciones mpl, tacómetro m

dot com revolution in dot com English-Spanish

revolución de las puntocom

come the revolution in revolution English-Spanish

cuando venga la revolución

revolution was in the air in air English-Spanish

corrían vientos de revolución

a revolution in the making in making English-Spanish

una revolución en gestación

the high-tech society/age/revolution in high-tech English-Spanish

la sociedad/era/revolución tecnológica

the spearhead of the revolution in spearhead English-Spanish

la punta de lanza de la revolución

a book on the French Revolution in book English-Spanish

un libro sobre la revolución francesa

a revolution right on their doorstep in doorstep English-Spanish

una revolución muy cerca de sus fronteras

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