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revolutionary US English

Engaged in or promoting political revolution

Revolutionary in revolutionary US English

Of or relating to the American Revolution

revolutionary US Thesaurus

revolutionary troops

pre-revolutionary US English

Existing or occurring before a particular revolution; designating or belonging to the time before a particular revolution.

Revolutionary War US English

The War of Independence (1775–83) fought by the American colonies against British rule.

counter-revolutionary US English

Engaged in or promoting a revolution that opposes a previous one or reverses its results

Revolutionary Tribunal US English

A court established in Paris in October 1793 to try political opponents of the French Revolution. There was no right of appeal and from June 1794 the only penalty was death

social revolutionary US English

Of, relating to, or characterized by social revolution; that advocates or supports social revolution; specifically (also with capital initials) of, relating to, or designating the Russian Socialist Revolutionary party (now historical).

socialist revolutionary US English

That supports or advocates a sudden change in the structure and nature of society in accordance with the principles of socialism; specifically (with capital initials) of, relating to, or designating any of various political parties or movements that advocate this, especially a Russian political party active in the early 20th cent.

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