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ride US English

Sit on and control the movement of (an animal, especially a horse), typically as a recreation or sport

Ride, Sally US English

(1951–2012), US astronaut; full name Sally Kristen Ride. She was the first US woman to travel in space, on the shuttle Challenger in 1983. She later served on the presidential commission that investigated the 1986 Challenger accident

ride US Thesaurus

she can ride a horse

G-ride US English

A stolen car

re-ride1 US English

A second or subsequent ride; specifically an additional ride given to a competitor in a rodeo when an original ride does not provide a fair result.

re-ride2 US English

To ride (a horse, vehicle, etc.) again.

ride on US English

Depend on

ride-on US English

Denoting a power-driven machine, especially a lawnmower, on which the operator rides

ride up US English

(Of a garment) gradually work or move upward out of its proper position

air ride US English

A system of vehicle suspension achieved by means of air bags; usually attributive.

full ride US English

A grant funding the total cost of attending a university, including tuition and other expenses; a fully subsidized course of study at a university.

nose-ride US English

To practise nose-riding.

rail ride US English

A manoeuvre in which the board is sailed on its side, with one edge out of the water.

ride high US English

Be successful

ride job US English

= ride killing.

ride man US English

North American. A person who operates a ride at an amusement park or the like.

ride-off US English

(In a riding competition) a round held to resolve a tie or determine qualifiers for a later stage; a jump-off

surf-ride1 US English

An act of riding on or over surf.

surf-ride2 US English

= surf. Also (occasionally) with object In later use frequently figurative and in figurative contexts.

ride-along US English

Attributive Designating a police programme under which observers accompany police officers on patrol, to provide the opportunity to learn about police work and to encourage closer relationships with the community; of or relating to such a programme.

ride-share US English

Participate in an arrangement in which a passenger travels in a private vehicle driven by its owner, for free or for a fee, especially as arranged by means of a website or app

rough-ride US English

To treat roughly or forcefully, especially in order to train or instruct; (later chiefly) to domineer over, tyrannize. Compare to ride roughshod over.

armchair ride US English

A smooth and easy victory, passage, or accomplishment.

freedom ride US English

An organized ride (in buses, etc.) by people demonstrating against racial segregation.

musical ride US English

An exhibition of equestrian skill which involves riding to music.

ride pillion US English

Travel seated behind a motorcyclist

ride killing US English

An act of taking a person on a car journey with the intention of killing him or her.

ride-sharing US English

An arrangement in which a passenger travels in a private vehicle driven by its owner, for free for a fee, especially as arranged by means of a website or app

ride shotgun US English

Travel as a guard in the seat next to the driver of a vehicle

a free ride US English

A situation in which someone benefits without having to make a fair contribution

for the ride US English

For pleasure or interest, rather than any serious purpose

ride herd on US English

Keep watch over

a rough ride US English

A difficult (or easy) time doing something

ride and tie US English

A means of travel or (in later use) a competitive event in which two (or more) people share one horse and take turns to ride the horse ahead and tie it up for the person (or persons) following behind on foot; (in extended use) the action of alternating or taking turns. Compare to ride and tie.

kiss-and-ride US English

Denoting a facility designed to allow commuters to be dropped off by car and complete their journey by public transport

park-and-ride US English

A system for reducing urban traffic congestion, in which drivers leave their cars in parking lots on the outskirts of a city and travel to the city center on public transportation

ride the pine US English

(Of an athlete) sit on the sidelines rather than participate in a game or event

ride the rails US English

Ride on a train, especially on a freight train, and without permission

ride and drive US English

Of a horse, etc.: that has been trained both to be ridden on and to pull a vehicle.

rollercoaster ride US English

A ride on a rollercoaster.

ride skimmington US English

Hold a skimmington procession

ride in/on in ride US English

Travel in or on (a vehicle) as a passenger

let something ride US English

Take no immediate action over something

ride someone down US English

Trample or overtake someone while on horseback

ride something out US English

Come safely through something, especially a storm or a period of danger or difficulty

Nantucket sleigh ride US English

Especially among whalers: the towing of a boat by a harpooned whale or shark; an instance of this.

ride roughshod over US English

Carry out one’s own plans or wishes with arrogant disregard for (others or their wishes)

ride to (the) hounds US English

Go hunting (especially fox hunting) on horseback with a pack of dogs

ride the coattails of US English

Benefit from the success of (another), sometimes undeservedly

take someone for a ride US English

Deceive or cheat someone

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