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rift US English

A crack, split, or break in something

rift US Thesaurus

a deep rift in the ice

rift saw US English

A type of circular saw with four or more arms projecting from a central plate, usually with inserted cutting teeth.

rift-sawn US English

Subjected to or produced by rift sawing; (North American) having growth rings that meet the faces of the board at an angle of between 30 and 60 degrees.

rift block US English

A block of depressed or elevated crust bounded by rifts or lying within a rift; a graben or a horst.

rift sawing US English

(Originally) = quarter sawing; (now also North American) a method of sawing a log of wood into boards by quartering the log radially and making further cuts aligned to the centre of the tree and parallel to each other, producing boards with a uniform and straight grain pattern.

rift valley US English

A large elongated depression with steep walls formed by the downward displacement of a block of the earth’s surface between nearly parallel faults or fault systems

Great Rift Valley US English

A large system of rift valleys in eastern Africa and the Middle East, the largest in the world, that runs for about 3,000 miles (4,285 km) from the Jordan valley in Syria into Mozambique. It is marked by a chain of lakes and a series of volcanoes, including Mount Kilimanjaro

Rift Valley fever US English

A viral disease of eastern and southern Africa, originally recognized in livestock and later found also to affect humans, caused by a phlebovirus, transmitted by mosquitoes, and characterized by severe disease with hepatitis, enteritis, and abortion in livestock and (usually) a milder acute febrile illness in humans.