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right US English

Morally good, justified, or acceptable

up one's alley US English

Well suited to one’s tastes, interests, or abilities

out of the box US English

Used to refer to the immediate usability or functionality of a newly purchased product, typically an electronic device or a piece of software

eyes front US English

A military command to turn the head in the particular direction stated

hang a left US English

Make a left (or right) turn

right in right US English

short for right field.

the Right in right US English

A grouping or political party favoring conservative views and supporting capitalist economic principles

right field US English

The part of the outfield to the right of center field from the perspective of home plate

right in right field US English

The part of the outfield to the right of center field from the perspective of home plate

stage left US English

On the left (or right) side of a stage from the point of view of a performer facing the audience

straight away US English


the wrong side of the tracks US English

A poor, less prestigious (or wealthy, prestigious) part of town

right US Thesaurus

it wouldn't be right to do that

right–wrong US English

That admits of evaluation only as wholly right or wholly wrong.

all right US English

Satisfactory but not especially good; acceptable

far right US English

The extreme right wing of a faction, group, or party.

Mr. Right US English

The ideal future husband

New Right US English

Frequently with the. A political movement that arose originally in response to the challenge of the New Left, characterized by rejection of socialism, emphasis on traditional conservative values regarding law, morality, and social consciousness, a desire to improve the public image of conservatism, and (especially in the U.S.) libertarian, especially free-market, policies; the supporters of this movement collectively.

no-right US English

An obligation not to prevent the exercise of a privilege.

of right US English

As a result of having a moral or legal claim or entitlement

right on US English

Used an expression of strong support, approval, or encouragement

right-on US English

In keeping with fashionable liberal or left-wing opinions and values

right arm US English

One’s most reliable helper

right-eye US English

Of or relating to the right eye of a person or animal.

all right US Thesaurus

the tea was all right

ferry right US English

The right to provide a ferry service and to charge a fee for its use.

human right US English

A right that is believed to belong justifiably to every person

mere right US English

A right to property with no right to possession

Miss Right US English

The woman who would make the ideal wife or partner for a particular man; one's destined wife or partner.

over-right US English

Directly opposite to; over against, in front of.

peck-right US English

The precedence which allows birds of a higher status to attack those of a lower status without retaliation.

she's right US English

That will be all right; don’t worry

right-about US English

A right turn continued through 180° so as to face in the opposite direction

right angle US English

An angle of 90°, as in a corner of a square or at the intersection of two perpendicular straight lines

right back US English

A defender in soccer or field hockey who plays primarily in a position on the right of the field

right bank US English

The bank of a river, on the right as one faces downstream

Right Bank US English

A district in the city of Paris, located on the right bank of the Seine River, north of the river. The area contains the Champs-Élysées and the Louvre

right bower US English

Informal. A close friend, a partner, an accomplice. Now rare and chiefly historical.

right brain US English

The right-hand side of the human brain, believed to be associated with creative thought and the emotions

right-click US English

Select an item in a graphical user interface by pressing the right-hand button of a mouse

right-doing US English

That does what is right or proper.

right-down US English

Modifying an adjective: completely, thoroughly; downright.

right-eared US English

Using the right ear more naturally than the left (in tasks or tests that discriminate between the two ears).

right-eyed US English

Of a person: having the right eye dominant over the left.

right half US English

The side or region that lies immediately to the right of a person or other object of reference; (also) the right-hand side of (part of the) body or other object. Compare a right (also left) half, right side, 3.

right hand US English

The hand of a person’s right side

right heart US English

The right atrium and right ventricle of the mammalian or avian heart considered together, especially as the unit which receives oxygen-poor blood from the veins and pumps it to the lungs.

Right Hon. US English

As a graphic abbreviation: = Right Honourable.

right-left US English

Of or between the right and the left (in various contexts); frequently with reference to reflective symmetry.

right line US English

A straight line; (Geometry) the shortest line on a surface which joins two given points on that surface.

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