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ritual US English

A religious or solemn ceremony consisting of a series of actions performed according to a prescribed order

ritual US Thesaurus

an elaborate civic ritual

ritual bath US English

A bath which forms part of a purificatory ritual; specifically = mikva.

ritual book US English

A book containing details of the form or order of religious or ceremonial rites.

ritual meal US English

A meal consumed as part of, or in the manner of, a ritual.

ritual abuse US English

The alleged sexual abuse or murder of people, especially children, supposedly committed as part of satanic rituals

ritual choir US English

The part of a church in which choir offices are performed.

ritual dance US English

(A type of) dance performed as part of a ritual.

ritual magic US English

Magic performed as part of, or in the manner of, a ritual.

ritual murder US English

The action of committing murder in a ritual way; an instance of this.

ritual killing US English

The action of killing in a ritual way, typically as an offering to God or a god; an instance of this.