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roast US English

Cook (food, especially meat) by prolonged exposure to heat in an oven or over a fire

pot roast US English

A piece of meat cooked slowly in a covered dish

nut roast US English

A baked vegetarian dish made from a mixture of ground or chopped nuts, vegetables, and herbs

corn roast US English

An outdoor party at which fresh ears of sweet corn are roasted and eaten

crown roast US English

A roast of rib pieces of pork or lamb arranged like a crown in a circle with the bones pointing upward

spit-roast US English

Cook (a piece of meat) on a spit

dry-roasted US English

Roasted without fat or oil

roast US Thesaurus

potatoes roasted in olive oil

roast English-Spanish

asadoal horno

pot roast New Oxford Dictionary for Writers & Editors

(two words, hyphen as verb)

nut roast English-Spanish

plato vegetariano hecho al horno que consiste en verduras con frutos secos y hierbas

pot roast English-Spanish

estofado masculine, carne feminine a la cacerola Latin America/América Latina

crown roast English-Spanish

corona femininede cordero, cerdo etc

roast beef English-Spanish

rosbif masculine, rosbeef masculine

spit roast English-Spanish

asado, asado

roast chicken English-Spanish

pollo masculine asado

Sunday roast English-Spanish

asado que se come tradicionalmente los domingos en Gran Bretaña acompañado de verduras etc

rib roast in rib English-Spanish

carne de vaca de junto a las costillas

to burn/roast in hell in hell English-Spanish

arder/asarse en el infierno

place a tray under the roast to catch any drips in drip English-Spanish

ponga una bandeja debajo del asado para recoger el jugo/la grasa que pueda caer

the club holds an annual roast of one of its members in roast English-Spanish

cada año el club le gasta una broma pesada a uno de sus socios

it's important to roast it at the right temperature in right English-Spanish

es importante asarlo a la temperatura adecuada

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