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robe US English

A long, loose outer garment

robe US Thesaurus

they put on their robes after swimming

re-robe US English

To dress (a person) in new clothing; to put a robe back on (a person). Frequently refl.

lap robe US English

A thick blanket or pelt used for warming the lap and legs while traveling or sitting outdoors

robe coat US English

A type of sleeved dress, especially one worn by girls or young women.

Black Robe US English

(Among North American Indians) a Christian priest, especially a missionary.

night-robe US English

A garment worn at night or in bed. Also in plural Now: specifically a dressing gown.

buffalo robe US English

A rug, cloak, or blanket made from the dressed hide of a North American bison

mourning robe US English

(Also figurative).

robe chamber US English

A room used for changing into or for storing official robes.

ascension robe US English

(Usually in plural) a garment worn in readiness for one's ascension to heaven (in imitation of the appearance of Christ's garments at his transfiguration); specifically a muslin robe worn amongst the Millerites in the expectation of the advent of Christ.

robe de nuit US English

A nightdress or nightgown.

penitential robe US English

A robe worn by a public penitent.

robe de style US English

A type of evening gown with a tight bodice and a long bouffant skirt, fashionable especially in the 1920s and 1930s.

famille de robe US English

In pre-revolutionary France: a family founded by a lawyer or one having a legal tradition; a legal family.

robe de chambre US English

A dressing gown or nightdress.

robe à la française in à la Française US English

Designating various things that are French in style, manner, or origin.