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rocker US English

A person who performs, dances to, or enjoys rock music, especially of a particular type

rocker arm US English

A rocking lever in an engine, especially one in an internal combustion engine that serves to work a valve and is operated by a pushrod from the camshaft

Boston rocker US English

A rocking chair with a decorative panel on a high spindled back and with arms and a seat that curves downward at the front

rocker panel US English

(In a motor vehicle) a panel forming part of the bodywork below the level of the passenger door

rocker switch US English

An electrical on/off switch incorporating a spring-loaded rocker

punk rocker in punk US English

An admirer or player of punk rock, typically characterized by colored spiked hair and clothing decorated with safety pins or zippers

rocker English-Spanish

balancín masculine

punk (rocker) in punk English-Spanish

punk masculine and feminine, punki masculine and feminine

to go off one's rocker in rocker English-Spanish

perder* la chaveta colloquial/familiar