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rocker US English

A person who performs, dances to, or enjoys rock music, especially of a particular type

boat rocker US English

A person who rocks a boat; also figurative.

hard rocker US English

Originally: a person who performs popular music with a fast, vigorous rhythm and a strong beat. In later use: a person who performs hard rock.

pomp rocker US English

A fan or player of pomp rock.

prog rocker US English

A performer or fan of progressive rock

rocker arm US English

A rocking lever in an engine, especially one in an internal combustion engine that serves to work a valve and is operated by a pushrod from the camshaft

rocker cam US English

A cam attached to a rock shaft.

rocker foot US English

A rocker-bottom foot; rocker-bottom deformity of the foot.

rocker pump US English

A pump whose piston is operated by means of a rocking lever.

blues rocker US English

(Apparently) a person who performs blues music in an energetic style.

Boston rocker US English

A rocking chair with a decorative panel on a high spindled back and with arms and a seat that curves downward at the front

rocker-bottom US English

A convexly curved underside, as of some types of rail truck, boat, etc.; compare sense 9b.

rocker panel US English

(In a motor vehicle) a panel forming part of the bodywork below the level of the passenger door

rocker shaft US English

= rock shaft.

rocker sieve US English

A cradle-like device used to wash out the mud from material which has been dug or dredged; (originally) specifically = sense 10a (now rare).

rocker switch US English

An electrical on/off switch incorporating a spring-loaded rocker

country rocker US English

US. A rocking chair made in a rustic style.

platform rocker US English

A rocking chair with a fixed stationary base.

punk rocker in punk US English

An admirer or player of punk rock, typically characterized by colored spiked hair and clothing decorated with safety pins or zippers