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rocket1 US English

A cylindrical projectile that can be propelled to a great height or distance by the combustion of its contents, used typically as a firework or signal

rocket2 US English

An edible Mediterranean plant of the cabbage family, sometimes eaten in salads

rocket US Thesaurus

guerrillas fired rockets at them

blue rocket US English

Any of various plants having an upright blue or bluish inflorescence; especially monkshood, Aconitum napellus, and (more fully blue rocket larkspur) the larkspur Consolida regalis.

ion rocket US English

= ion engine.

life rocket US English

A rocket to which a line is attached, fired to establish communication with a vessel in distress.

moon rocket US English

A rocket designed for flight to the moon.

rice rocket US English

A fast Japanese aeroplane, motorcycle, or car; (also depreciative) an inexpensive Japanese car that has been modified to give the impression of speed and power.

rocket bird US English

A paradise flycatcher, Terpsiphone paradisi, of South and South-East Asia.

rocket bomb US English

A flying bomb; any rocket-propelled missile with an explosive warhead.

rocket car US English

A car powered by a rocket engine.

rocket fuel US English

Fuel for a rocket engine; specifically one that reacts with an oxidizer.

rocket gun US English

A gun that fires rockets (of any kind).

rocket jet US English

A jet of exhaust gases used to provide a vehicle or craft with thrust.

rocket line US English

A line fired to a wrecked ship by a rocket apparatus by which the people on board can be rescued.

rocket man US English

A soldier responsible for firing rockets. Now chiefly historical.

rocket net US English

A net with small rockets attached, which is laid on the ground and then propelled upwards by the rockets so as to envelop a group of feeding birds or another animal, such as a deer.

rocket-net US English

To trap (birds or other animals) with a rocket net.

rocket pad US English

A launching pad for a rocket.

rocket pole US English

A tall pole erected on high ground by the sea to which the rocket line is attached by a coastguard during practice.

rocket ship US English

A warship armed with rockets.

rocket tube US English

A tube out of which a rocket is fired.

wall rocket US English

A yellow-flowered European plant that resembles mustard and emits a foul smell when crushed

bottle rocket US English

A type of small skyrocket firework, often discharged from an empty bottle.

dyer's rocket US English

Another term for weld.

photon rocket US English

A rocket propelled by the backward ejection of photons.

pocket rocket US English

(A nickname for) a small person regarded as very fast or energetic (originally a nickname given to the Canadian ice hockey player Henri Richard (b. 1936)).

rocket flyer US English

A person who or (formerly) mechanism which launches a rocket.

rocket frame US English

A stand from which rockets are fired in battle.

rocket mortar US English

A mortar that fires rockets.

rocket plane US English

An aircraft powered by a rocket engine.

rocket range US English

The area within range of a rocket.

space rocket US English

A rocket designed to travel through space or to launch a spacecraft

sweet rocket US English

A herbaceous plant of the cabbage family, cultivated for its long spikes of mauve or white flowers that are fragrant in the evening

ullage rocket US English

An auxiliary rocket engine used in weightless conditions to provide sufficient acceleration to maintain the flow of liquid propellant from the fuel tank

white rocket US English

Any white-flowered form of dame's violet, Hesperis matrionalis.

distress rocket US English

A rocket fired as a distress signal

rocket airplane US English

= rocket plane.

rocket booster US English

A booster in the form of a rocket; especially one used in launching a spacecraft.

rocket chamber US English

The combustion chamber of a rocket engine.

rocket harpoon US English

A harpoon with an explosive head.

rocket larkspur US English

Any of several annual larkspurs of the genus Consolida; especially C. ajacis (formerly included in the genus Delphinium), cultivated for its spikes of blue, pink, or white flowers.

rocket launcher US English

A device or structure for launching rockets, especially as offensive weapons.

rocket-netting US English

The action or practice of trapping birds or other animals with a rocket net.

rocket-rattling US English

The threat of the military use of rockets, especially nuclear missiles.

rocket tracking US English

The tracking of a space rocket; usually attributive.

ballistic rocket US English

A rocket which is not guided after its initial propulsion phase; especially a ballistic missile.

posigrade rocket US English

A small rocket that can be fired briefly to give forward thrust to a spacecraft.

rocket aeroplane US English

= rocket plane.

rocket apparatus US English

A device used to fire a line from the shore, a lifeboat, etc., to a shipwreck as a means of rescuing the people on board.

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