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roller1 US English

A cylinder that rotates around a central axis and is used in various machines and devices to move, flatten, or spread something

roller2 US English

A car made by Rolls-Royce

Holy Roller US English

A member of an evangelical Christian group that expresses religious fervor by frenzied excitement or trances

high roller US English

A person who gambles or spends large amounts of money

leaf roller US English

An insect, especially a small moth, whose larvae roll up the leaves of plants which they feed upon

cuckoo-roller US English

A bird resembling a roller, with an iridescent green cap, back, wings, and tail, found only in Madagascar

roller blind US English

A window blind fitted on a roller

roller derby US English

A team skating competition on roller skates, held on a banked oval track

roller skate US English

Each of a pair of boots, or metal frames attached to shoes, with four or more small wheels, for gliding across a hard surface

roller towel US English

A long towel with the ends joined and hung on a roller, or one fed through a device from one roller holding the clean part to another holding the used part

paint roller US English

A roller covered in wool, sponge, synthetic fiber, or other absorbent material for applying paint to a surface, especially in interior decorating

roller bearing US English

A bearing similar to a ball bearing but using small cylindrical rollers instead of balls

roller coaster US English

An amusement park attraction that consists of a light railroad track with many tight turns and steep slopes, on which people ride in small fast open cars

dandy roll US English

A roller that is used to solidify partly formed paper during its manufacture, and to impress the water mark

dandy roller in dandy roll US English

A roller that is used to solidify partly formed paper during its manufacture, and to impress the water mark

rollerball US English

A ballpoint pen using thinner ink than other ballpoints

roller rink in rink US English

A smooth enclosed floor for roller skating

steamroller US English

A heavy, slow-moving vehicle with a roller, used to flatten the surfaces of roads during construction

roller bandage in roller1 US English

A long surgical bandage rolled up for convenient application

European roller in roller1 US English

A brightly colored crow-sized bird with predominantly blue plumage, having a characteristic tumbling display flight

roller English-Spanish

rodillo m

roller rink English-Spanish

pista f de patinaje (sobre ruedas)

high roller English-Spanish

jugador empedernido,

roller blind English-Spanish

persiana, estor mEsp

roller skate English-Spanish

patín m (de ruedas)

roller-skate English-Spanish

patinarsobre ruedas

roller skater English-Spanish

patinador,sobre ruedas

roller bearing English-Spanish

cojinete m de rodillos, rulemán mRPl

roller coaster English-Spanish

montaña f rusa

roller skating English-Spanish

patinaje msobre ruedas

rock'n'roller English-Spanish

→ rocker 2 1

she's a high roller in high roller English-Spanish

gasta dinero como si fuera agua