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rope US English

A length of strong cord made by twisting together strands of natural fibers such as hemp or artificial fibers such as polypropylene

the rope in rope US English

Used in reference to execution by hanging

rope US Thesaurus

secure the rope to the post

boat rope US English

A rope used on a boat; specifically (originally) one used in the rigging of a sail boat; (later) one used by a ship to tow a boat or lower a lifeboat.

bolt rope US English

A rope sewn around the edge of a vessel’s sail to prevent tearing

foot rope US English

A rope to which the lower edge of a sail is sewn

hand rope US English

A rope operated by, or held with, the hand.

head rope US English

The part of a bolt rope which is sewn on to the upper edge of a sail.

jump rope US English

A length of rope used for jumping by swinging it over the head and under the feet

leg-rope US English

(In surfing) a rope attached to a surfboard and tied to the surfer’s ankle to prevent the board being washed away by the surf

low rope US English

(In acrobatics) = slack-rope; (also occasionally) a low tightrope.

main rope US English

A rope which hauls a train of full wagons from the working face to the pit bottom.

mast rope US English

A rope passing through a sheave in the head of a topmast, used for raising and lowering upper masts.

net-rope US English

A rope attached to a net.

ring rope US English

A rope attached to or passing through a ring; specifically (Nautical) a rope used to make the anchor cable of a ship more secure during bad weather.

rope burn US English

An abrasion of the skin caused by the friction of a rope.

rope-burn US English

To inflict a rope burn on.

rope-end US English

= rope's end.

rope law US English

Hanging; lynch law.

rope pump US English

A pump of which the main component is a continuous piece of rope.

rope race US English

The compartment or passage through which a driving-rope passes.

rope ring US English

A boxing ring marked off by a rope.

rope roll US English

A cylinder or drum around which is wound a rope for communicating motion.

rope silk US English

A kind of silk made with a greater number of strands than ordinary silk.

rope tow US English

A mechanical device for conveying skiers up a slope, in the form of an endless moving rope.

rope-work US English

A place where ropes are made; a ropewalk.

rope-yard US English

A yard where ropes are made.

rope yarn US English

Loosely twisted fibers used for making the strands of rope

rump rope US English

A rope used to secure an animal round the rump.

slip rope US English

A mooring rope with both ends on board ship, enabling the crew to cast off without disembarking

top rope US English

A rope lowered from above to the lead climber in a group, typically to give assistance at a difficult part of a climb

tow rope US English

Another term for towline.

wire rope US English

A length of rope made from wires twisted together as strands; cable

death rope US English

A rope used for hanging, a gallows rope.

guest rope US English

A second rope fastened to a boat in tow to keep it steady

guide rope US English

A rope used to guide the movement of the load of a crane

purse-rope US English

The cord used to close up the mouth of a purse seine.

ridge rope US English

Nautical. The rope to which the edges of the rigging are attached.

rope barrel US English

= rope roll.

rope border US English

A border resembling the twisted strands of rope.

rope boring US English

The boring of wells or shafts using a drill suspended and worked by means of a rope.

rope brown US English

A type of strong brown paper originally made from old rope.

rope-burned US English

Suffering from rope burn.

rope chain US English

An ornamental chain (for a watch, etc.) made in imitation of the pattern of a rope.

rope dance US English

A performance on the tightrope.

rope-dancer US English

A person who performs on a rope suspended at some height above the ground; a tightrope walker.

rope-ending US English

= rope's-ending.

rope-ferry US English

A ferry pulled by a rope.

rope grass US English

Any of various grasses or grass-like plants resembling rope or used for making rope.

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