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saddle US English

A seat fastened on the back of a horse or other animal for riding, typically made of leather and raised at the front and rear

saddle US Thesaurus

they were saddled with the children

off-saddle US English

To unsaddle a horse, etc., especially for a rest; (hence, by extension) to make a break in a journey.

saddle-bar US English

Glazing a small horizontal bar of iron or other metal (fitting over an upright stanchion) to which lead panels are secured.

saddle-bow US English

The pommel of a saddle, or a similar curved part behind the rider

saddle case US English

A case used to protect a saddle, especially when travelling.

saddle club US English

A riding club.

saddle drum US English

A type of drum carried on a saddle.

saddle-fast US English

Firmly seated in the saddle.

saddle flap US English

(Usually in plural) either of a pair of large flaps which project downwards from the side of a saddle seat, and against which the rider's legs press; (also) a small flap covering the stirrup-bars on either side of the saddle seat.

saddle gall US English

A sore on the back of a horse, produced by the chafing of a saddle.

saddle girt US English

= saddle girth.

saddle gun US English

A gun carried on or across the saddle of a horse or other animal.

saddle hill US English

A saddle-backed hill.

saddle horn US English

The horn of a saddle.

saddle iron US English

A stirrup.

saddle lap US English

Any part of a saddle which projects or hangs down from the seat; a saddle skirt or saddle flap.

saddle leaf US English

(More fully saddle-leaf tulip) the tulip tree, Liriodendron tulipifera.

saddle mark US English

A mark on a horse's back resulting from the friction of a saddle, often showing as a whitish patch of hair or skin.

saddle mat US English

A mat used as a saddlecloth.

saddle nose US English

A nose with a bridge that has sunk as a result of disease, especially congenital syphilis (now chiefly historical).

saddle pad US English

A soft pad upon which a rider sits when riding; = pad.

saddle pin US English

Any of various pins which fit into a saddle or resemble a saddle in shape (rare).

saddle rack US English

A framework, bracket, or stand on which a saddle may be hung when not in use.

saddle reef US English

A body of ore, especially auriferous quartz, found in the curve of an anticline, thickest at the centre and tapering downwards in each direction; a similar body in the trough of a syncline.

saddle ring US English

Chiefly US a metal ring fixed to a saddle; (also) a metal ring on a rifle or carbine, enabling it to be secured to a saddle, belt, etc.

saddle rock US English

(In full saddle rock oyster) a very large edible oyster.

saddle room US English

A room in which saddlery is kept when not in use.

saddle rug US English

A saddlecloth or saddle blanket, especially one made from thick, carpet-like material.

saddle seat US English

The uppermost part of a saddle on which the rider sits.

saddle shoe US English

A white oxford shoe with a piece of leather in a contrasting color (typically black or brown) stitched across the instep

saddle soap US English

Soft soap containing neat’s-foot oil, used for cleaning leather

saddle spot US English

= saddle mark.

saddle tank US English

A small steam locomotive with a water tank that fits over the top and sides of the boiler like a saddle

saddle tree US English

A frame around which a saddle is built

saddle vein US English

= saddle reef.

saddle wire US English

Bookbinding a wire staple passed through the back fold of a single gathering; usually attributive.

dryad saddle US English

A common polypore growing on tree stumps and logs, having a scaly, yellowish-brown upper surface, found in both North America and Eurasia and edible when young

saddle block US English

The technique of anaesthetizing the perineal region by a low spinal injection; a spinal block affecting the sacral nerves; frequently attributive.

saddle boiler US English

A type of boiler of concave shape, used to heat a building, especially a greenhouse.

saddle bronc US English

(In a rodeo) an untrained (or part-trained) horse or bronc ridden with a saddle; the action or practice of riding such a horse; frequently attributive.

saddle brown US English

A tan colour characteristic of saddle leather.

saddle crutch US English

A raised area on a saddle.

saddle-galled US English

Chafed by a saddle.

saddle girth US English

A belt or band of leather or cloth, tightened round the body of a horse or other animal, so as to secure a saddle on its back.

saddle graft US English

A graft made by saddle grafting.

saddle hackle US English

Any of the long feathers growing backwards from the saddle of a domestic fowl, especially a cock (more fully saddle hackle feather); these feathers collectively.

saddle horse US English

A wooden frame or stand on which saddles are cleaned or stored

saddle house US English

A building in which saddlery is kept.

saddle joint US English

Engineering. A joint between metal pipes in which one pipe is cut to fit around the other. Also: a metal joint, used chiefly with sheet metal, in which the edge of one member is bent over the upturned edge of the next.

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