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sea US English

The expanse of salt water that covers most of the earth’s surface and surrounds its landmasses

SEA US English

Single European Act

Single European Act US English

A treaty providing for the establishment of a single European market from 1 January 1993, and giving greater powers to the European Parliament. It came into force on 1 July 1987

at sea US English

Sailing on the sea

by sea US English

By means of a ship or ships

Red Sea US English

A long, narrow, landlocked sea that separates Africa from the Arabian peninsula. It is linked to the Indian Ocean in the south by the Gulf of Aden and to the Mediterranean Sea in the north by the Suez Canal

sea cow US English

A sirenian, especially a manatee

sea dog US English

An old or experienced sailor

sea egg US English

A sea urchin

sea fan US English

A horny coral with a vertical treelike or fanlike skeleton, living chiefly in warmer seas

sea mat US English

A bryozoan, especially one which forms mat-like encrustations on underwater objects

sea pen US English

A marine coelenterate related to the corals, forming a feather-shaped colony with a horny or calcareous skeleton

sea-run US English

(Of a migratory fish, especially a trout or salmon) having returned to the sea after spawning

Aral Sea US English

An inland sea in central Asia, on the border between Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan. Its area was reduced by one-third and serious environmental consequences resulted between 1960 and 1990 after water was diverted for irrigation

Banda Sea US English

A sea in eastern Indonesia, between the central and south Molucca Islands

Black Sea US English

A tideless almost landlocked sea bounded by Ukraine, Russia, Georgia, Turkey, Bulgaria, and Romania. It is connected to the Mediterranean Sea through the Bosporus and the Sea of Marmara

beam sea US English

A sea that is running at approximately right angles to a vessel’s heading

Ceram Sea US English

The part of the western Pacific Ocean that is at the center of the Molucca Islands in Indonesia

Ross Sea US English

A large arm of the Pacific Ocean that forms a deep indentation in the coast of Antarctica

Savu Sea US English

A part of the Indian Ocean that is surrounded by the islands of Sumba, Flores, and Timor

sea-angel US English

An angel shark

sea bass US English

Any of a number of marine fishes that are related to or resemble the common perch, in particular

sea boat US English

A boat or ship considered in terms of its ability to cope with conditions at sea

sea bream US English

A deep-bodied marine fish that resembles the freshwater bream, in particular

sea chest US English

A sailor’s storage chest

sea coal US English

Mineral coal, as distinct from other types of coal such as charcoal

sea duck US English

Any of a number of ducks that frequent the sea, especially the eiders, scoters, and long-tailed duck

sea eagle US English

A large Eurasian fish-eating eagle that frequents coasts and wetlands

sea-girt US English

Surrounded by sea

sea grape US English

A salt-resistant tree of the dock family, bearing grapelike bunches of edible purple fruit and found on the Atlantic coasts of tropical America

sea-green US English

Of a pale bluish green color

sea hare US English

A large sea slug that has a minute internal shell and lateral extensions to the foot. Most species can swim, and many secrete distasteful chemicals to deter predators

sea heath US English

A small woody creeping plant of European salt marshes, bearing a superficial resemblance to heather

sea holly US English

A spiny-leaved plant of the parsley family, with metallic blue teasel-like flowers, growing in sandy places by the sea and native to Europe

sea krait US English

A venomous sea snake with a compressed tail, occurring in tropical coastal waters of the eastern Indian Ocean and western Pacific, coming ashore to bask and breed

sea lane US English

A route designated for use or regularly used by shipping

sea legs US English

A person’s ability to keep their balance and not feel seasick when on board a moving ship

sea lemon US English

A yellowish sea slug

sea level US English

The level of the sea’s surface, used in reckoning the height of geographical features such as hills and as a barometric standard

sea lily US English

A sedentary marine echinoderm that has a small body on a long jointed stalk, with featherlike arms to trap food

sea lion US English

An eared seal occurring mainly on Pacific coasts, the large male of which has a mane on the neck and shoulders

Sea Lord US English

Either of two senior officers in the Royal Navy (First Sea Lord, Second Sea Lord) serving originally as members of the Admiralty Board (now of the Ministry of Defence)

sea mile US English

A unit of distance equal to a minute of arc of a great circle and varying (because the earth is not a perfect sphere) between approximately 2,014 yards (1,842 meters) at the equator and 2,035 yards (1,861 meters) at the pole

sea-moth US English

A small fish with bony plates covering the body and large pectoral fins that spread out horizontally like wings. It lives in the warmer waters of the Indo-Pacific

sea mouse US English

A large marine bristle-worm with a stout, oval body that bears matted, furlike, iridescent chaetae

sea otter US English

An entirely aquatic marine otter of North Pacific coasts, formerly hunted for its dense fur. It is noted for its habit of floating on its back with a stone balanced on the abdomen, in order to crack open bivalve mollusks

sea perch US English

Any of a number of marine fishes that typically have a long-based dorsal fin and that are popular as sporting fish, in particular

sea pink US English

Another term for thrift222.

sea power US English

A country’s naval strength, especially as a weapon of war

sea robin US English

A gurnard (fish), especially one of warm seas that has winglike pectoral fins that are brightly colored

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