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second1 US English

Constituting number two in a sequence; coming after the first in time or order; 2nd

second2 US English

A sixtieth of a minute of time, which as the SI unit of time is defined in terms of the natural periodicity of the radiation of a cesium-133 atom

second3 US English

Transfer (a military officer or other official or worker) temporarily to other employment or another position

second1 US Thesaurus

the second day of the trial

second2 US Thesaurus

I'll only be gone for a second

second3 US Thesaurus

he was seconded to my department

close encounter of the first kind US English

Used to describe encounters involving increasing degrees of complexity and apparent exposure of the witness to aliens, with the first kind being a mere sighting and the fourth kind being abduction

in the first instance US English

In the first (or second, etc.) place; at the first (or second, etc.) stage of a proceeding

in second2 US English

A sixtieth of a minute of time, which as the SI unit of time is defined in terms of the natural periodicity of the radiation of a cesium-133 atom

leap second US English

A second that is occasionally inserted into the atomic scale of reckoning time in order to bring it into line with solar time. It is indicated by an additional beep in the time signal at the end of some years

second Adam US English

(In Christian thought) Jesus Christ

second best US English

Next after the best

second-cut US English

Another term for crosscut.

second hand US English

An extra hand in some watches and clocks that moves around to indicate the seconds

second line US English

Anything used or held in reserve as support, replacement, or reinforcement, in particular

second mate US English

An assistant mate on a merchant ship

second name US English

A surname

second-rate US English

Of mediocre or inferior quality

second wind US English

A person’s ability to breathe freely during exercise, after having been out of breath

second-rate US Thesaurus

I would never buy second-rate shoes

second best New Oxford Dictionary for Writers & Editors

(two words, hyphen when attributive)

second banana US English

The second most important person in an organization or activity

second cousin US English

A child of one’s parent’s first cousin

Second Advent US English

Another term for Second Coming.

second ballot US English

A further ballot held to confirm the selection of a candidate where a previous ballot did not yield an absolute majority

second cause US English

A cause that is itself caused

second class US English

A set of people or things grouped together as the second best

Second Coming US English

The prophesied return of Christ to earth at the Last Judgment

second-degree US English

Denoting burns that cause blistering but not permanent scars

Second Empire US English

The imperial government in France of Napoleon III, 1852–70

second floor US English

The floor directly above the ground floor

second growth US English

Woodland growth that replaces harvested or burned virgin forest

second-guess US English

Anticipate or predict (someone’s actions or thoughts) by guesswork

Second Isaiah US English

Another name for Deutero-Isaiah.

second master US English

A deputy headmaster

second nature US English

A characteristic or habit in someone that appears to be instinctive because that person has behaved in a particular way so often

second screen US English

A mobile device used while watching television, especially to access supplementary content or applications

second sight US English

The supposed ability to perceive future or distant events; clairvoyance

second strike US English

A retaliatory attack conducted with weapons designed to withstand an initial nuclear attack (a “first strike”)

second string US English

(In sports) the players who are available to replace or relieve those who start a game

second teeth US English

The set of permanent teeth that replace the milk teeth in humans and other mammals

Second World US English

The former communist block consisting of the Soviet Union and some countries in eastern Europe

split second US English

A very brief moment of time

second-class US Thesaurus

we were treated like second-class citizens

Second Coming New Oxford Dictionary for Writers & Editors

the prophesied return of Christ

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