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security US English

The state of being free from danger or threat

security US Thesaurus

the security of the nation's citizens

e-security US English

Another term for cybersecurity.

debt security US English

A negotiable or tradable liability or loan

food security US English

The state of having reliable access to a sufficient quantity of affordable, nutritious food

high-security US English

Extremely secure

security bolt US English

A bolt used to securely close a door, window, etc.

security bond US English

Chiefly Law security put up as a bond, recognizance, or guarantee of good behaviour.

security hole US English

A software flaw which allows an unauthorized user to gain access to a system or network.

security man US English

A person who puts up property as security or stands surety for someone (now rare).

security risk US English

A person or situation that poses a possible threat to the security of something

security writ US English

A writ relating to or backed by security.

security check US English

A verification of the identity and trustworthiness of someone such as a government employee, in order to maintain security

security guard US English

A person employed to protect something, especially a building, against intruders or damage

security patch US English

A software or operating-system patch that is intended to correct a vulnerability to hacking or viral infection

security police US English

A police organization, especially a secret one, charged with the protection of national security and often having extended powers.

security system US English

(Especially in Hong Kong) a system whereby a local merchant stands as surety for foreign traders to ensure good conduct and payment of debts (now historical).

social security US English

Any government system that provides monetary assistance to people with an inadequate or no income

homeland security US English

National security, especially with regard to the threat of terrorism within a country’s borders

minimum-security US English

(Of a prison) having the minimum amount of restrictions on prisoners.

national security US English

The safety of a nation against threats such as terrorism, war, or espionage

security analyst US English

A person who analyses information about (the value of) securities.

security blanket US English

A familiar blanket or other piece of soft fabric held by a young child as a source of comfort

Security Council US English

A permanent body of the United Nations seeking to maintain peace and security. It consists of fifteen members, of which five (China, France, Russia, the UK, and the US) are permanent and have the power of veto. The other members are elected for two-year terms

Security Service US English

Official name for MI5.

collective security US English

The cooperation of several countries in an alliance to strengthen the security of each

information security US English

The state of being protected against the unauthorized use of information, especially electronic data, or the measures taken to achieve this

old age security US English

Financial and material provision for old age; (Canadian and (formerly) US (especially California)) a system of government-funded pensions for those aged over 65 (in the U.S., awarded only on a means-tested basis); the benefit paid under this system.

super-maximum security US English

Security that exceeds maximum security; frequently attributive, designating a prison facility having such security.

maximum security prison US English

A prison with the highest levels of restrictions on prisoners' movements and activities

National Security Agency US English

A secret body established in the US after World War II to gather intelligence, deal with coded communications from around the world, and safeguard US transmissions

Social Security number US English

(In the US) a number in the format 000–00-0000, unique for each individual, used to track Social Security benefits and for other identification purposes

Bureau of State Security US English

The former South African intelligence and security organization under apartheid

National Security Council US English

A body created in the US by Congress after World War II to advise the president (who chairs it) on issues relating to national security in domestic, foreign, and military policy

on security of something US English

Using something as a guarantee

Supplemental Security Income US English

A federal scheme providing financial support for people with a disability or aged over 65, subject to means testing; the money paid out under this scheme; abbreviated SSI.

Australian Security Intelligence Organisation US English

The Australian governmental agency responsible for dealing with internal security

biosecurity US English

Procedures intended to protect humans or animals against disease or harmful biological agents

on security of something in security US English

Using something as a guarantee

Social Security in social security US English

(In the US) a federal insurance program that provides benefits to retired people and those who are unemployed or disabled

security clearance in clearance US English

Official permission for someone to have access to classified information

government securities US English

Bonds or other promissory certificates issued by the government