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sensible US English

(Of a statement or course of action) chosen in accordance with wisdom or prudence; likely to be of benefit

sensible of/to in sensible US English

Able to notice or appreciate; not unaware of

sensible US Thesaurus

isn't this the sensible thing to do?

sensible English-Spanish


sensible Spanish-English


quality goods at sensible prices in sensible English-Spanish

artículos de calidad a precios razonables

es muy sensible a la música in sensible Spanish-English

she has a great feeling for music

ha mostrado una sensible mejoría in sensible Spanish-English

she has shown marked improvement

stop your foolery and be sensible! in foolery English-Spanish

¡deja de hacer payasadas y compórtate!

be sensible, you can't do it all on your own in sensible English-Spanish

sé razonable, no lo puedes hacer todo tú solo

I am sensible of the honor you have done me in sensible English-Spanish

soy consciente del honor que me han hecho