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she US English

Used to refer to a woman, girl, or female animal previously mentioned or easily identified

I wasn't born yesterday US English

Used to remind someone that one isn’t naive

I couldn't care less US English

Used to express complete indifference

for all you care US English

Used to indicate that someone feels no interest or concern

give someone an inch and he will take a mile US English

Once concessions have been made to someone they will demand a great deal

I cannot say US English

I (or he, she, etc.) do not know

as well he might US English

Used to convey the speaker’s opinion that a reaction is appropriate or unsurprising

she'd US English

She had; she would

she's US English

She is; she has

he-she US English

A person with both male and female attributes; a hermaphrodite, transvestite, transsexual, or butch lesbian; also as adjective.

she'll US English

She shall; she will

she-ass US English

A female ass; also figurative, as a derogatory term.

she-cat US English

A female cat.

she-dog US English

A female dog; = bitch.

she-god US English

A goddess.

she-man US English

In Hebrew or biblical contexts: a woman.

she-bear US English

A female bear.

She Bible US English

One (probably the second) of the two issues of the Bible printed in 1611, so called from its rendering of Ruth 3:15.

she-devil US English

A malicious or spiteful woman

she-goat US English

A female goat; also figurative, as a derogatory term.

she-lion US English

A lioness (also figurative).

she-male US English

A transvestite

she-poet US English

A female poet, a poetess.

she-pope US English

A female pope.

she-stock US English

Female cattle.

she-stuff US English

= she-stock.

she-wolf US English

A female wolf.

she-woman US English

A woman who has conventional feminine attributes, especially to a high degree.

she-dragon US English

A female dragon.

she-friend US English

A female friend; (formerly also) †a mistress (obsolete).

she-priest US English

A female priest, a priestess.

she's right US English

That will be all right; don’t worry

river she-oak US English

Any of several Australian trees of the genus Casuarina, especially C. cunninghamiana.

he-said-she-said US English

Designating or relating to a narrative dominated by simple back-and-forth dialogue with attributions.

he-say-she-say US English

Hearsay; gossip; unsubstantiated rumour.

murder one US English

First-degree (or second-degree) murder

that's all she wrote US English

Used to convey that there is or was nothing more to be said about a matter

She-Who-Must-Be-Obeyed US English

A strong-willed or domineering woman, especially a wife or female partner.

all one knows US English

Used to emphasize the limited nature of one’s knowledge concerning something

lay about one US English

Strike out wildly on all sides

one could use in use US English

One would like or benefit from

have it in one US English

Have the capacity or potential (to do something)

ninety-day wonder US English

Something that attracts enthusiastic interest for a short while but is then ignored or forgotten

ninety-day or thirty-day wonder in ninety-day wonder US English

A person who has had intensive military training for the specified time

as best one can US English

As effectively as possible under the circumstances

if it kills one US English

Whatever the problems or difficulties involved

kissy-face US English

A puckering of the lips as if to kiss someone

nerve US English

Impudence or audacity

murder one in murder US English

First-degree (or second-degree) murder

if someone is a day US English

At least (added to a statement about a person’s age)

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