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shower US English

A brief and usually light fall of rain, hail, sleet, or snow

shower US Thesaurus

a shower of rain

air shower US English

A shower of secondary cosmic rays or particles, formed in the atmosphere when primary cosmic rays collide with atomic nuclei.

baby shower US English

A party to which the guests bring gifts for an expected (or occasionally newborn) baby.

rain shower US English

A shower of rain.

shower gel US English

A thick liquid product used for washing oneself in the shower

April shower US English

A (light) shower of rain occurring in April, especially regarded as characteristic of spring. Frequently in plural.

Bogan shower US English

A dust storm

golden shower US English

An act or the fact of being urinated upon (or urinating on someone) as a means of obtaining sexual gratification, usually as part of a sadomasochistic sexual encounter; (also, occasionally) (a stream of) urine.

meteor shower US English

A number of meteors that appear to radiate from one point in the sky at a particular date each year, due to the earth’s regularly passing through a field of particles at that position in its orbit. Meteor showers are named after the constellation in which the radiant is situated, e.g., the Perseids

needle-shower US English

A shower bath of strong fine jets of water; an act of bathing in such a shower.

power shower US English

A shower using an electric pump to produce a high-pressure spray

Swiss shower US English

A shower consisting of several powerful water jets from nozzles positioned at various heights; a health treatment involving such a shower.

Darling shower US English

A dust storm

shower something on/upon in shower US English

Give a great number of things to (someone)

shower someone with in shower US English

Throw (a number of small things) all at once toward someone

shower bath in shower US English

An act of washing oneself in a shower

showerproof US English

(Of a garment) resistant to light rain