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situation US English

A set of circumstances in which one finds oneself; a state of affairs

situation US Thesaurus

their financial situation

human situation US English

= human condition.

sign situation US English

A situation or context in which a sign is interpreted by one or more interpreters with respect to a particular set of reference points.

nickel situation US English

A defence formation in which a defensive back replaces the linebacker, in order to increase pass-coverage on the field.

situation comedy US English

A television or radio series in which the same set of characters are involved in various amusing situations

situation ethics US English

The doctrine of flexibility in the application of moral laws according to circumstances

special situation US English

A situation where price movements of a stock are caused by factors unique to that security and independent of the market as a whole; frequently attributive.

save the day US English

Find or provide a solution to a difficulty or disaster

save the day in save1 US English

Find or provide a solution to a difficulty or disaster

no-lose situation in no-lose US English

Not involving losing or the perception of having lost (in an argument, conflict, etc.); specifically (usually in no-lose situation) designating a state of affairs in which a favourable outcome or success is assured.