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skate1 US English

An ice skate or roller skate

skate2 US English

A typically large marine fish of the ray family with a cartilaginous skeleton and a flattened diamond-shaped body

skate3 US English

An uncouth and disreputable man

ice skate US English

A boot with a blade attached to the bottom, used for skating on ice

in-line skate US English

A roller skate in which the wheels are fixed in a single line along the sole of the boot

roller skate US English

Each of a pair of boots, or metal frames attached to shoes, with four or more small wheels, for gliding across a hard surface

skate skiing US English

A style of cross-country skiing in which the skis are pointed outward and the skier alternately pushes off one and glides on the other in a motion similar to ice skating

skateboarding US English

The sport or pastime of riding on a skateboard

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