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skid US English

(Of a vehicle) slide, typically sideways or obliquely, on slippery ground or as a result of stopping or turning too quickly

skid lid US English

A crash helmet

skid mark US English

A long black mark left on a road surface by the tires of a skidding vehicle

skid road US English

A road along which logs are hauled

skid row US English

A run-down part of a town frequented by vagrants, alcoholics, and drug addicts

tail skid US English

A support for the tail of an aircraft when on the ground

nonskid US English

Designed to prevent sliding or skidding

skidpad US English

A road surface used for testing the ability of automobiles to withstand lateral acceleration

skid English-Spanish

patinazo m, derrape m, derrapaje m, patinada fAmL

anti-skid English-Spanish


skid lid English-Spanish

casco m (protector)

skid row English-Spanish

barrios mpl bajos

tail skid English-Spanish

patín m de cola