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snack US English

A small amount of food eaten between meals

snack bar US English

A place where snacks are sold

snack US Thesaurus

she made herself a snack

snack English-Spanish

tentempié m, refrigerio mformal

snack Spanish-English


bar snack English-Spanish

comida, comida, comida f rápida

snack bar English-Spanish

bar m, cafetería f

snack-bar Spanish-English

snack bar

to have a snack in snack English-Spanish

comer algo ligero, tomar(se) un tentempié

she had a snack to fortify her in fortify English-Spanish

comió algo para recuperar fuerzas

I had a snack to keep body and soul together until lunch in body English-Spanish

me tomé un bocado para aguantar hasta mediodía

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