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speaker US English

A person who speaks

Speaker in speaker US English

The presiding officer in a legislative assembly, especially the House of Representatives

native speaker US English

A person who has spoken the language in question from earliest childhood

speakerphone US English

A telephone with a loudspeaker and microphone, allowing it to be used without picking up the handset

speaker US Thesaurus

Reverend Graham is one of the guest speakers

speaker English-Spanish

all eyes turned to the speaker

after-dinner speaker English-Spanish

persona que pronuncia un discurso después de una cena formal

Mr Speaker in speaker English-Spanish

Señor Presidente

guest speaker in guest English-Spanish

conferenciante invitado,, orador invitado,

keynote speaker in keynote English-Spanish

orador que pronuncia un

Madam Speaker in speaker English-Spanish

Señora Presidente

a native speaker of English in native English-Spanish

un hablante nativo de inglés, una persona cuya lengua materna es el inglés

the crowd hooted at the speaker in hoot English-Spanish

la multitud abucheó al orador

all eyes turned to the speaker in speaker English-Spanish

todas las miradas se volvieron hacia quien hablaba

the speaker was in full flight when … in flight English-Spanish

el orador estaba en pleno discurso cuando …

a native speaker of Spanish, a Spanish native speaker in speaker English-Spanish

un hablante nativo de español, un hispanohablante

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