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spirited US English

Full of energy, enthusiasm, and determination

spirited US Thesaurus

spirited young dancers

spirited in spirit US English

Convey rapidly and secretly

free-spirited US English

Independent and not constrained by convention

high-spirited US English

Lively and cheerful in behavior or mood

low-spirited US English

Sad and despondent; depressed

mean-spirited US English

Inconsiderate and unsympathetic

poor-spirited US English

Timid; cowardly

two-spirited US English

(Of a member of an American Indian people) gay, lesbian, or transgender

high-spirited US Thesaurus

a high-spirited horse

public-spirited US English

Willing to help the wider community; socially concerned

public-spirited US Thesaurus

tonight we acknowledge three of our community's most public-spirited citizens

spirit US English

Convey rapidly and secretly

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