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spray1 US English

Liquid that is blown or driven through the air in the form of tiny drops

spray2 US English

A stem or small branch of a tree or plant, bearing flowers and foliage

spray1 US Thesaurus

a spray of water

spray2 US Thesaurus

a spray of holly

fly spray US English

A substance sprayed from an aerosol that kills flying insects

spray-dry US English

Dry (a foodstuff or a ceramic material) by spraying particles of it into a current of hot air, the water in the particles being rapidly evaporated

spray gun US English

A device resembling a gun that is used to spray a liquid such as paint or pesticide under pressure

spray tan US English

A beauty treatment in which the body is sprayed with a product containing chemicals that react with the skin to produce an artificial suntan

hair spray US English

A solution sprayed onto a person’s hair to keep it in place

spray paint US English

Paint that is contained in an aerosol can for the purpose of spraying onto a surface

pepper spray US English

An aerosol spray containing oils derived from cayenne pepper, irritating to the eyes and respiratory passages and used as a disabling weapon

respray US English

Spray (something, especially a vehicle) with a new coat of paint

overspray US English

Excess paint or other liquid that spreads or blows beyond an area being sprayed