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staff1 US English

All the people employed by a particular organization

staff2 US English

A mixture of plaster of Paris, cement, or a similar material, used for temporary building work

Staff in staff1 US English

short for staff sergeant.

staff US Thesaurus

there is a reluctance to take on new staff

tau staff US English

A T-shaped staff or one with a T-shaped head.

field staff US English

= linstock.

half-staff US English

The position of a flag which is being flown below the top of its staff as a mark of respect for a person who has died

proof staff US English

A metal straight edge for testing or adjusting a wooden staff.

quern staff US English

A handle for turning a quern. Now rare.

rake staff US English

= rake handle.

rock-staff US English

A long lever by which the bellows of a forge are operated.

rule-staff US English

A measuring rod.

rune-staff US English

A magic wand inscribed with runes.

staff nurse US English

An experienced nurse less senior than a sister or charge nurse

train staff US English

A staff given to a train driver as authority to travel over a single-line section of railway; compare train ticket, staff and ticket.

white staff US English

A white rod or wand carried as a symbol of office by certain officials (especially of the royal household), such as the Lord Chamberlain, Lord Steward, or Lord High Treasurer. Hence also: the office itself.

general staff US English

The staff assisting a military commander in planning and executing operations

ground staff US English

The people employed by an airline who work in an airport rather than on board an aircraft

Jacob's staff US English

A rod with a sliding cursor formerly used for measuring distances and heights, especially in navigation

offset staff US English

A rod used in measuring offsets.

plough staff US English

A staff, ending in a small spade or shovel, used to clear earth, roots, weeds, etc., from the coulter and mouldboard of a plough.

ragged staff US English

Heraldry. A representation of a staff with projecting stumps or knobs; an actual staff of this kind.

resting staff US English

A stick on which to lean for support (earliest in figurative use).

staff college US English

A college at which military officers are trained for staff duties

staff officer US English

An officer serving on the staff of a military headquarters or government department

staff weapon US English

A cutting or thrusting weapon with a long shaft or handle.

station staff US English

Staff employed or deployed at a station, especially a railway station or (formerly) †a military station.

walking staff US English

A staff or long stick used for support or aid in walking.

pastoral staff US English

A bishop’s crozier

staff notation US English

Notation by means of a stave, especially as distinct from the tonic sol-fa

staff sergeant US English

A noncommissioned officer in the armed forces, in particular

astronomer's staff US English

An instrument used for taking the altitude of the sun or a star; = Jacob's staff.

chief of staff US English

The senior staff officer of a service or command

rectangular staff US English

A kind of levelling staff.

staff association US English

An association of employees performing some of the functions of a trade union, such as representing its members in discussions with management

the staff of life US English

A staple food, especially bread

Joint Chiefs of Staff US English

The chiefs of staff of the US Army and Air Force, the commandant of the US Marine Corps, and the chief of US Naval Operations. This group’s chairman, selected from one of the branches, is the highest-ranking military adviser to the president of the US

flagstaff US English

Another term for flagpole.

staffroom US English

A common room for teachers in a school or college

waitstaff US English

Waiters and waitresses collectively

quarterstaff US English

A stout pole 6-8 feet (2-2.5 m) long, tipped with iron, formerly used as a weapon

the staff of life in staff1 US English

A staple food, especially bread

leveling staff in leveling rod US English

A graduated pole with a movable marker, held upright and used with a surveying instrument to measure differences in elevation. Also called leveling pole, leveling staff