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stand US English

Have or maintain an upright position, supported by one’s feet

bear comparison US English

Be of sufficient quality to be likened favorably to someone or something of the same kind

keep guard US English

Act as a guard

stand US Thesaurus

Lionel stood in the doorway

ale stand US English

The bar of a public house or tavern.

stand pat US English

Stick stubbornly to one’s opinion or decision

pot stand US English

A stand designed to hold one or more pots or potted plants.

stand by US English

Be present while something bad is happening but fail to take any action to stop it

stand for US English

Be an abbreviation of or symbol for

stand in US English


stand-in US English

A person who stands in for another, especially in a performance; a substitute

stand off US English

Move or keep away

stand on US English

Be scrupulous in the observance of

stand out US English

Project from a surface

stand to US English

Stand ready for an attack, especially one before dawn or after dark

stand-to US English

The state of readiness for action or attack

stand up US English

(Of an argument, claim, evidence, etc.) remain valid after close scrutiny or analysis

stand-up US English

Involving, done by, or engaged in by people standing up

stand oil US English

Linseed oil or another drying oil thickened by heating, used in paints, varnishes, and printing inks

stand-in US Thesaurus

a stand-in for the minister

home stand US English

A series of consecutive games played at a team’s home stadium, field, or court

iron-stand US English

A stand on which to place an iron.

last stand US English

(Frequently in military contexts) an act of determinedly holding or defending a position against a (more powerful) opposing force; a final show of resistance or protest; especially in to make one's (also a) last stand.

music stand US English

A rack or light frame on which written or printed music is supported

palm-stand US English

A stand for supporting a potted palm.

pipe stand US English

A stand or frame for supporting a pipe or pipes.

press stand US English

A section of the spectators' area at a sporting event which is reserved for reporters.

race stand US English

A stand from which a race may be watched.

rick-stand US English

= rick staddle.

ring-stand US English

A small stand for finger rings.

stand trial US English

Be tried in a court of law

stand alone US English

Be unequaled

stand-alone US English

(Of computer hardware or software) able to operate independently of other hardware or software

stand aside US English

Take no action to prevent, or not involve oneself in, something that is happening

stand back US English

Withdraw from a situation emotionally in order to view it more objectively

stand down US English

Withdraw or resign from a position or office

stand-down US English

A period of relaxation after a state of alert

stand over US English

Stand close to (someone) so as to watch, supervise, or intimidate them

tank stand US English

A structure that supports a large container in which water is stored

taxi stand US English

A place where taxicabs park while waiting to be engaged

peanut stand US English

A booth, stall, or stand where peanuts, etc., are sold; frequently as the type of a small-scale business enterprise.

retort stand US English

A stand to which chemical or other laboratory equipment can be fixed when in use, typically consisting of a vertical metal rod mounted on a heavy base.

stand sentry US English

Keep guard or control access to a place

witness stand US English

The place in a court where a witness stands to give evidence

stand at bay US English

Turn to face one’s pursuers

one-night stand US English

A sexual relationship lasting only one night

portfolio stand US English

A piece of furniture for holding portfolios, drawings, music, etc.

stand sentinel US English

(Of a soldier) keep watch

shoulder stand US English

A gymnastic movement in which, starting from a supine position, the torso and legs are raised vertically over the head and supported on the shoulders and arms

stand up for US English

Speak or act in support of

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