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statement US English

A definite or clear expression of something in speech or writing

statement US Thesaurus

how do you respond to the president's statement about homeland security?

bank statement US English

A printed record of the balance in a bank account and the amounts that have been paid into it and withdrawn from it, issued periodically to the holder of the account

statement form US English

= propositional function.

mission statement US English

A formal summary of the aims and values of a company, organization, or individual

personal statement US English

A written description of one’s achievements, interests, etc., included as part of an application for a job or to an educational program

position statement US English

A statement setting out the considered position or policy of an organization, group, etc., with respect to a particular matter.

pseudo-statement US English

A form of expression that formally resembles statement but does not refer or correspond to objective fact, being rather used for its subjective effect on the hearer or reader; an instance of this.

signing statement US English

A written statement which may be issued by the President when signing a measure passed by Congress, and which sets out observations, conditions, or limitations on the measure's interpretation and implementation.

observation statement US English

A report of a directly observed phenomenon, especially in a scientific experiment.

statement of claim US English

A pleading served by the plaintiff in a High Court action, containing the allegations made against the defendant and the relief sought by the plaintiff

reconciliation statement US English

A statement of account in which discrepancies are listed and adjusted.

statement of affairs US English

A legal document listing the assets and liabilities of a company or individual, typically produced when declaring bankruptcy

restatement US English

An act of stating something again or differently, especially more clearly or convincingly

overstatement US English

The action of expressing or stating something too strongly; exaggeration

counterstatement US English

A statement asserting that evidence or an accusation is false

environmental impact statement in environmental impact US English

The effect of a man-made activity, change, or development on the natural environment; frequently attributive, as environmental impact assessment, environmental impact statement, etc.