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step US English

An act or movement of putting one leg in front of the other in walking or running

step- US English

Denoting a relationship resulting from a remarriage

step US Thesaurus

Frank took a step forward

in step US English

Putting (or not putting) one’s feet forward alternately in the same rhythm as the people one is walking, marching, or dancing with

step in US English

Become involved in a difficult or problematic situation, especially in order to help or prevent something from happening

step-in US English

Denoting a garment or pair of shoes that is put on by being stepped into and has no need for fasteners

baby step US English

A tentative act or measure that is the first stage in a long or challenging process

box step US English

A dance step in which the feet describe the form of a square or rectangle

fire step US English

A step or ledge on which soldiers in a trench stand to fire

half step US English

A semitone

high step US English

(In plural) a stepladder (frequently in a pair of high steps) (now rare).

ice step US English

A step cut into ice; frequently in plural.

one-step US English

A vigorous kind of ballroom dance in duple time

keep step US English

Remain walking, marching, or dancing in step

step back US English

Mentally withdraw from a situation in order to consider it objectively

step down US English

Withdraw or resign from an important position or office

step out US English

Leave a room or building, typically for a short time

step cut US English

A cut for gemstones in the form of straight facets around the center

time step US English

Any of various simple combinations of tap-dancing steps, originally repeated several times in order to set up a rhythm and tempo for accompanying musicians.

two-step US English

A round dance with a sliding step in march or polka time

step by step US English

So as to progress gradually and carefully from one stage to the next

altar step US English

A step leading up to an altar.

black-step US English

Attributive relating to or designating thick black marks printed at progressively differing positions on the fold of the outer leaf of each section, and used as a guide to collating the sections in the correct order for binding.

change step US English

(In marching) alter one’s step so that the opposite leg marks time

false step US English

A slip or stumble

goose step US English

A military marching step in which the legs are not bent at the knee

route step US English

A way of marching in which troops remain in formation but are not required to keep time, carry weapons in a prescribed way, or (usually) maintain silence; also as interjection, as an order to march in this way.

break step US English

Stop walking or marching in step with others

step change US English

(In business or politics) a significant change in policy or attitude, especially one that results in an improvement or increase

step wedge US English

A series of contiguous, uniformly shaded rectangles growing progressively darker, from white (or light gray) at one end to black (or dark gray) at the other

twelve step US English

Denoting or relating to a process of recovery from addiction by following a twelve-stage program, especially one modeled on that of Alcoholics Anonymous

whole step US English

An interval of a (whole) tone

naughty step US English

A step, stool, etc., on which a child may be instructed to sit in isolation when misbehaving; the use of this as a disciplinary technique intended to modify behaviour by enforcing a period of solitary reflection.

program step US English

A single step or operation in a computer program; an instruction in machine language or assembly language.

step on it US English

Go faster, typically in a motor vehicle

step forward US English

Offer one’s help or services

step aerobics US English

A type of aerobics that involves stepping up onto and down from a portable block

step function US English

A function that increases or decreases abruptly from one constant value to another

step response US English

The output of a device in response to an abrupt change in voltage

step-parenthood US English

The state or condition of being a step-parent.

step-parenting US English

The action or process of bringing up a stepchild.

fall into step US English

Change the way one is walking so that one is walking in step with another person

one step ahead US English

Managing to avoid competition or danger from someone or something

step it in step US English

Perform a dance

Irish step dance US English

Any of various step dances originating in Ireland, characterized by a rigid, upright posture with the arms held loosely by the sides together with rapid, complex footwork, typically performed over a restricted floor area.

Irish step dancer US English

A person who performs an Irish step dance.

Irish step dancing US English

Dancing of Irish step dances, especially as a genre.

military two-step US English

(In old-time dancing) a variation of the two-step, arising from a combination of waltz and march rhythms.

step out of line US English

Behave inappropriately or disobediently

step something up US English

Increase the amount, speed, or intensity of something

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