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stick1 US English

A thin piece of wood that has fallen or been cut from a tree

stick2 US English

Push a sharp or pointed object into or through (something)

stick1 US Thesaurus

a fire made of sticks

stick2 US Thesaurus

he stuck his fork into the sausage

hop the twig US English

Depart suddenly or die

stand out a mile US English

Be very obvious or incongruous

stand out like a sore thumb US English

Be obviously different from the surrounding people or things

stick something in/into/through in stick2 US English

Push a sharp or pointed object into or through (something)

big stick US English

The use or threat of force or power

stick at US English

Persevere with (a task or endeavor) in a steady and determined way

stick by US English

Continue to support or be loyal to (someone), typically during difficult times

stick out US English

Be extremely noticeable

stick to US English

Continue or confine oneself to doing or using (a particular thing)

yam stick US English

An Aboriginal implement used for lifting crops and digging, consisting of a piece of wood sharpened at both ends

Chap Stick US English

A small stick of a cosmetic substance used to prevent chapping of the lips

chew stick US English

A Caribbean climbing plant of the buckthorn family, the twigs or bark of which are chewed to clean the teeth, for their flavour, or as a stimulant

coup stick US English

(Among North American Indians) a decorated stick recording coups attained by the warrior

crab stick US English

A rectangular stick of mixed, compressed fish pieces flavored with crab

fish stick US English

A small, oblong piece of fish fillet, usually breaded and fried

glow stick US English

A novelty item consisting of a plastic tube containing two chemicals that combine when the tube is bent, so producing a luminescent glow

Gold Stick US English

(In the UK) a ceremonial officer in the Sovereign’s household, entitled to carry a gilt rod on state occasions

high-stick US English

Strike an opponent on or above the shoulders with one’s stick, for which a penalty may be assessed

joss stick US English

A thin stick consisting of a substance that burns slowly and with a fragrant smell, used as incense

music stick US English

An Aboriginal musical instrument consisting of one stick or boomerang beaten against another or a different object

paint stick US English

A stick of water-soluble paint used like a crayon

polo stick US English

A long-handled mallet used for playing polo

punji stick US English

A sharpened bamboo stake, typically one tipped with poison, set in a camouflaged hole in the ground as a means of defense, especially in Southeast Asia

self-stick US English

Coated with an adhesive on one side for ready application to a surface

stick with US English

Persevere or continue with

stick shift US English

A manual transmission

Thai stick US English

Strong cannabis in leaf form, twisted into a small, tightly packed cylinder ready for smoking

thumb stick US English

A tall walking stick with a forked thumb rest at the top

white stick US English

A white walking stick of a type carried by blind people, both to locate obstacles and identify them as blind

cancer stick US English

A cigarette

digging stick US English

A primitive digging implement consisting of a pointed stick, sometimes weighted with a stone

French stick US English

A French loaf

hockey stick US English

A long, thin implement with a curved end, used to hit or direct the puck or ball in ice hockey or field hockey

letter stick US English

(Among Australian Aborigines) a piece of wood carved with symbolic patterns, used as a means of communication between communities; a message stick

Memory Stick US English

A type of memory card

message stick US English

(Among Australian Aborigines) a piece of wood carved with symbolic patterns, used as a means of communication between communities

orange stick US English

A thin stick, pointed at one end and typically made of orange wood, used for manicuring the fingernails

prayer stick US English

A stick decorated with feathers, used by various American Indian peoples in religious ceremonies

stick around US English

Remain in or near a place

stick insect US English

Another term for walking stick222.

swagger stick US English

A short cane carried by a military officer

swizzle stick US English

A stick used for stirring still drinks or taking the fizz out of sparkling ones

walking stick US English

A stick, typically with a curved handle, used for support when walking

yabber stick US English

An Aboriginal medium of communication consisting of a piece of wood carved with symbolic patterns, handed from one community to another

animated stick US English

A stick insect of the eastern Australian coast, which is one of the world’s longest insects at up to 25 cm

cinnamon stick US English

A piece, typically several inches long, of the peeled, dried, and rolled bark of a cinnamon tree, used decoratively or to flavor mulled drinks

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