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strike US English

Hit forcibly and deliberately with one’s hand or a weapon or other implement

hit home US English

(Of a blow or a missile) reach an intended target

touch a nerve US English

Provoke a reaction by referring to a sensitive topic

hit the right note US English

Say or do something in a way that is very suitable (or unsuitable) for a particular audience or occasion

strike US Thesaurus

the teacher struck Mary

no-strike US English

In industrial relations: designating an agreement, etc., involving a guarantee that a workforce will not strike provided certain conditions are met.

strike in US English

Intervene in a conversation or discussion

strike up US English

(Of a band or orchestra) begin to play a piece of music

air strike US English

An attack made by aircraft

ball-strike US English

(More fully ball-and-strike) being or relating to the ratio of balls to strikes accumulated by a batter during a single turn at the bat; usually in ball-(and-)strike count.

bird strike US English

A collision between a bird or flock of birds and an aircraft

body strike US English

Fly strike that affects the body, typically the withers, back, or sides, of a sheep (as opposed to the head, tail area, or penis).

coal strike US English

A strike by coal miners.

fly strike US English

Infestation of an animal with blowfly maggots

oil strike US English

A discovery of an oil field by drilling.

rent strike US English

A refusal to pay rent, usually by a number of people as an organized protest.

strike gold US English

Discover gold during the course of drilling or mining

strike back US English


strike pay US English

Money paid to strikers by their labor union

strike rate US English

The success rate of a sports team, typically in scoring goals or runs

strike zone US English

An area over home plate extending approximately from the armpits to the knees of a batter when in the batting position. The ball must be pitched through this area in order for a strike to be called

first strike US English

An attack with nuclear weapons designed to destroy the enemy’s nuclear weapons before their use

heart-strike US English

To affect keenly or deeply with emotion (typically mental anguish or dismay). Usually in pass.

hunger strike US English

A prolonged refusal to eat, carried out as a protest, typically by a prisoner

miners' strike US English

A strike by mineworkers; specifically the strike conducted by coal miners in Britain in 1984–5 against a plan to close numerous coal pits.

multi-strike US English

(Of a typewriter or printer ribbon) capable of being struck by the printing elements many times in the same place before wearing out.

panic-strike US English

To strike panic into (now chiefly in pass.).

second strike US English

A retaliatory attack conducted with weapons designed to withstand an initial nuclear attack (a “first strike”)

stay-in strike US English

A sit-down strike

strike hands US English

(Of two people) clasp hands to seal a deal or agreement

strike force US English

A military force equipped and organized for sudden attack

strike price US English

The price fixed by the seller of a security after receiving bids in a tender offer, typically for a sale of bonds or a new stock market issue

general strike US English

A strike of workers in all or most industries

rolling strike US English

A strike consisting of a coordinated series of consecutive limited strikes by small groups of workers

strike a chord US English

Affect or stir someone’s emotions

lightning strike US English

A strike by workers after little or no warning, especially without official union backing

strike it rich US English

Acquire a great deal of money, typically in a sudden or unexpected way

strike me pink US English

Used to express astonishment or indignation

strike a pose US English

Hold one’s body in a particular position to create an impression

unofficial strike US English

A strike not called or endorsed by the union to which the strikers belong.

strike a balance US English

Choose a moderate course or compromise

strike a bargain US English

Make a bargain; agree to a deal

decapitation strike US English

A debilitating military attack, especially one aimed at the enemy’s leadership

strike a note of US English

Express (a particular feeling or view) about something

strike someone out US English

Put a batter out (or be put out) from play as a batter by means of three strikes

strike-slip fault US English

A fault in which rock strata are displaced mainly in a horizontal direction, parallel to the line of the fault

strike on/upon in strike US English

Discover or think of, especially unexpectedly or by chance

strike out in strike US English

Start out on a new or independent course or endeavor

strike out in strike someone out US English

Fail or be unsuccessful

strike something up in strike up US English

Begin a friendship or conversation with someone, typically in a casual way

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