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strip1 US English

Remove all coverings from

strip2 US English

A long, narrow piece of cloth, paper, plastic, or some other material

strip1 US Thesaurus

he stripped and got into bed

strip2 US Thesaurus

a strip of paper

comic strip US English

A sequence of drawings in boxes that tell an amusing story, typically printed in a newspaper or comic book

drag strip US English

A straight, paved track or section of road used for drag racing

Gaza Strip US English

A strip of territory in Palestine, on the southeastern Mediterranean coast, including the town of Gaza; population 1,551,900 (est. 2009). Administered by Egypt from 1949 and occupied by Israel from 1967, it became a self-governing enclave under the PLO-Israeli accord of 1994 and elected its own legislative council in 1996

strip club US English

A club at which striptease performances are given in front of an audience

strip light US English

A tubular fluorescent lamp

strip mall US English

A shopping mall consisting of stores and restaurants typically in one-story buildings located on a busy main road

strip mill US English

A mill in which steel slabs are rolled into strips

strip mine US English

An open-pit mine

strip poker US English

A form of poker in which a player with a losing hand takes off an item of clothing as a forfeit

test strip US English

A strip of material used in testing, especially (in photography) a strip of sensitized material, sections of which are exposed for varying lengths of time to assess its response

Aouzou Strip US English

A narrow corridor of disputed desert land in northern Chad. It forms the border between Chad and Libya. In 1994, Libya agreed to withdraw its troops from the area

Caprivi Strip US English

A narrow strip in Namibia that extends toward Zambia from the northeastern corner of Namibia and reaches the Zambezi River

furring strip US English

A length of wood tapering to nothing, used in roofing and other construction work

landing strip US English

An airstrip

Möbius strip US English

A surface with one continuous side formed by joining the ends of a rectangular strip after twisting one end through 180°

nature strip US English

A piece of publicly owned land between the front boundary of a house or other building and the street, typically planted with grass

rubbing strip US English

A raised strip fitted to a vehicle to protect the bodywork

rumble strip US English

A series of raised strips across a road or along its edge, changing the noise a vehicle’s tires make on the surface and so warning drivers of speed restrictions or of the edge of the road

strip-search US English

Search (someone) for concealed items, typically drugs or weapons, in a way that involves the removal of all their clothes

boulevard strip US English

A grassy strip between a road and a sidewalk

strip cropping US English

Cultivation in which different crops are sown in alternate strips to prevent soil erosion

bimetallic strip US English

A temperature-sensitive electrical contact used in some thermostats, consisting of two bands of different metals joined face to face along their lengths. When heated, the metals expand at different rates, causing the strip to bend

strip someone of in strip1 US English

Deprive someone of (rank, power, or property)

filmstrip US English

A series of transparencies in a strip for projection

median strip in median US English

The strip of land between the lanes of opposing traffic on a divided highway

striptease US English

A form of entertainment in which a performer gradually undresses to music in a way intended to be sexually exciting

weatherstrip US English

A strip of rubber, metal, or other material used to seal the edges of a door or window against the cold