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structure US English

The arrangement of and relations between the parts or elements of something complex

crumb structure US English

The porous structure or condition of soil when its particles are moderately aggregated

fine structure US English

The composition of an object, substance, or energy phenomenon as viewed on a small scale and in considerable detail

deep structure US English

(In generative grammar) the abstract representation of the syntactic structure of a sentence

power structure US English

The hierarchy that encompasses the most powerful people in an organization

structure plan US English

A plan drawn up by a local planning authority for the use of a prescribed area of land

tree structure US English

A structure that has successive branchings or subdivisions

career structure US English

A recognized pattern of advancement within a job or profession

primary structure US English

The characteristic sequence of amino acids forming a protein or polypeptide chain, considered as the most basic element of its structure

surface structure US English

(In generative grammar) the structure of a well-formed phrase or sentence in a language, as opposed to its underlying abstract representation

tertiary structure US English

The overall three-dimensional structure resulting from folding and covalent cross-linking of a protein or polynucleotide molecule

secondary structure US English

The local three-dimensional structure of sheets, helices, or other forms adopted by a polynucleotide or polypeptide chain, due to electrostatic attraction between neighboring residues

fine-structure constant US English

A fundamental and dimensionless physical constant, equal to approximately 1137, that occurs in expressions describing the fine structure of atomic spectra

megastructure US English

A massive construction or structure, especially a complex of many buildings

substructure US English

An underlying or supporting structure

macrostructure US English

The large-scale or overall structure of something, e.g., an organism, a mechanical construction, or a written text

structure US Thesaurus

a vast Gothic structure

structure English-Spanish

estructura f

deep structure English-Spanish

estructura f profunda

surface structure English-Spanish

estructura f superficial

he has good bone structure in structure English-Spanish

tiene buenas faccionespómulos salientes etc

the company's career structure in structure English-Spanish

la estructura del escalafón de la compañía

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