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sucker US English

A person or thing that sucks, in particular

sucker punch US English

An unexpected punch or blow

there's one born every minute US English

There are many gullible people

bloodsucker US English

An animal or insect that sucks blood, especially a leech or a mosquito

goatsucker US English

Another term for nightjar.

sapsucker US English

An American woodpecker that pecks rows of small holes in trees and visits them for sap and insects

sharksucker US English

A remora, especially Echeneis naucrates, the most abundant remora of warm waters

thumbsucker US English

A serious piece of journalism that concentrates on the background and interpretation of events rather than on the news or action; a think piece

there's one born every minute in born US English

There are many gullible people

sucker English-Spanish

imbécil masculine and feminine

bum-sucker English-Spanish

lameculos masculine and femininevulgar, lamehuevos masculine and feminineMexico/Méxicovulgar

to play sb for a sucker in sucker English-Spanish

engañar a algn como a un chino colloquial/familiar

I'm a sucker for musicals in sucker English-Spanish

las comedias musicales son mi debilidad

the poor sucker believed her in sucker English-Spanish

el pobre imbécil le créyo