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super. US English


super US English

Very good or pleasant; excellent

super- US English

Above; over; beyond

super US Thesaurus

we had a super time at the water park

super-G US English

A slalom race that is faster and has wider turns than a giant slalom

super PAC US English

A type of independent political action committee which may raise unlimited sums of money from corporations, unions, and individuals but is not permitted to contribute to or coordinate directly with parties or candidates

super-rat US English

An unusually large, rampant, or voracious rat, specifically one that is resistant to the action of the usual rat poisons.

super VHS US English

A type of high-quality video recording system that is compatible with VHS but with better image resolution; abbreviated S-VHS.

Super Bowl US English

The National Football League championship game, played annually between the champions of the National and the American Football Conferences

super-duper US English

Very good; marvelous

super-extra US English

Designating a commodity, manufactured goods, etc., of the highest quality; (Bookbinding) designating a premium-quality binding, typically with coloured or marbled end-leaves, gilt edges, ornamental headband, silk register, etc.

super-fact US English

A fact that surpasses all others in truth, significance, etc.; (also) a fact which is above and beyond, or incorporates and explains, all others.

super-jumbo US English

Much bigger than is standard or usual; extremely large.

super-obese US English

Suffering from super-obesity; extremely obese.

super-real US English

Extremely realistic.

super-rich US English

Extremely or exceptionally rich.

super-royal US English

That is above royal rank; higher than or beyond royal. Later also: extremely royal.

super-self US English

A higher or better part, version, or aspect of one's self.

super-aerial US English

Situated or taking place above the air or atmosphere.

super-chilled US English

Chilled below the ordinary temperature or degree; extremely cold.

super-compact US English

Very compact; much smaller than is usual or expected.

super-maximum US English

Greater than the expected or conventional maximum; extremely or exceptionally high, large, etc.

super-obesity US English

Extreme obesity; (in later use) specifically a level of obesity corresponding in adults to a BMI greater than some particular value, typically 45 or 50.

super-octave US English

An organ stop sounding a note two octaves higher than the ordinary pitch; the octave two octaves above a given note.

super-politic US English

Overly or extremely politic.

super-realism US English

Especially in reference to art, film, and literature: exceptional fidelity of representation; very rigorous or intensely expressed realism. In later use also: specifically = photorealism.

super-realist US English

A person whose outlook or perspective is extremely or rigorously realistic; (especially in reference to art, film, and literature) a practitioner or advocate of super-realism. In later use also: specifically = photorealist.

super-spatial US English

Situated or taking place above or outside the limits of space.

Super Tuesday US English

A day on which several US states hold primary elections

super-tuning US English

The action of making adjustments to the engine of a motor vehicle to improve its performance.

super-arrogate US English

To claim or assume (a right, etc.) with great arrogance; to arrogate to (or †unto) a person or group excessively or without justification. Also without object: to behave with great arrogance.

super-Catholic US English

(Of a person, country, etc.) devoutly adhering to the Roman Catholic faith.

super-cerebral US English

That is above or beyond the range of the human intellect. Now rare.

super-empyreal US English

Situated above the empyrean or firmament; of or relating to the region above the empyrean.

super-eruption US English

Dentistry. = overeruption.

super-hurricane US English

An extremely powerful blast of air; (Meteorology) a tropical cyclone in the Caribbean with sustained wind speeds in excess of 130 knots (240 km per hour).

super-political US English

That is above, higher than, or independent of politics.

super-rational US English

That is above, or beyond the scope of, reason.

super-strength US English

Very great strength.

super-arrogation US English

Excessive arrogation; extreme and unwarranted assumption (of some right, power, etc.).

super audio CD US English

A type of compact disc offering better sound quality than that of conventional compact discs; abbreviated SACD.

super-ceremonious US English

Highly or excessively ceremonious; characterized by excessive ceremony.

super-conformity US English

Extreme or excessive conformity; specifically overpreciseness in conforming to ecclesiastical rules.

super-dreadnought US English

A battleship with an armament of big guns superior to that of the Dreadnought class; (more generally) any large battleship.

super-illustrious US English

Highly esteemed or exalted; specifically as an honorific epithet of a monarch.

super-individual US English

Chiefly Philosophy and Psychol. Above or greater than the individual.

super-superlative US English

More than superlative; of the very highest quality or degree.

super giant slalom US English

A slalom race that is faster and has wider turns than a giant slalom

super-individualism US English

Extreme or excessive individualism.

super-individualist US English

A persons who displays extreme or excessive individualism.

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