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surgeon US English

A medical practitioner qualified to practice surgery

brain surgeon US English

A medical practitioner qualified to perform surgical operations on the brain and other parts of the neurosystem

tree surgeon US English

A person who prunes and treats old or damaged trees in order to preserve them

dental surgeon US English

A dentist

surgeon general US English

The head of a public health service or of an armed forces medical service

flight surgeon US English

A military surgeon specializing in aerospace medicine

district surgeon US English

(In South Africa) a doctor appointed to serve a particular district

surgeon's knot US English

A square knot with one or more extra turns in the first half knot

veterinary surgeon US English

British term for veterinarian.

surgeon English-Spanish


brain surgeon English-Spanish


house surgeon English-Spanish

cirujano, -na masculine, feminine residente

heart surgeon English-Spanish

cardiocirujano,, cirujano cardíaco, cirujana cardíaca

tree surgeon English-Spanish


surgeon general New Oxford Dictionary for Writers & Editors

head of US public health service

dental surgeon English-Spanish

cirujano, -na masculine, feminine dentista

plastic surgeon English-Spanish

cirujano plástico,, especialista

surgeon general English-Spanish

the surgeon general

ophthalmic surgeon English-Spanish

cirujano oftalmólogo,

orthopedic surgeon English-Spanish

ortopedista masculine and feminine, traumatólogo,

orthodontic surgeon in orthodontic English-Spanish

ortodoncista masculine and feminine

a surgeon of note in note English-Spanish

un cirujano de renombre, un eminente cirujano

the surgeon general in surgeon general English-Spanish

La Dirección General de Salud Pública

her face was rebuilt by a plastic surgeon in rebuild English-Spanish

un cirujano plástico le rehízo la cara

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