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tank US English

A large receptacle or storage chamber, especially for liquid or gas

drop tank US English

An external fuel tank on an aircraft that can be jettisoned when empty

tank farm US English

An area of oil or gas storage tanks

tank top US English

A close-fitting sleeveless top

tank town US English

A small unimportant town (used originally of a town at which trains stopped to take on water)

saddle tank US English

A small steam locomotive with a water tank that fits over the top and sides of the boiler like a saddle

septic tank US English

A tank, typically underground, in which sewage is collected and allowed to decompose through bacterial activity before draining by means of a leaching field

drunk tank US English

A large prison cell for the detention of drunks

think tank US English

A body of experts providing advice and ideas on specific political or economic problems

tank engine US English

A steam locomotive carrying fuel and water receptacles in its own frame, not in a tender

tank killer US English

An aircraft, vehicle, or missile effective against tanks

surge tank US English

A tank connected to a pipe carrying a liquid and intended to neutralize sudden changes of pressure in the flow by filling when the pressure increases and emptying when it drops

pannier tank US English

A small steam locomotive with an overhanging rectilinear water tank along each side of the boiler

Sherman tank US English

An American type of medium tank, used in large numbers during World War II

tank-farming US English

The practice of growing plants in tanks of water without soil

holding tank US English

A large container in which liquids are temporarily held

flotation tank US English

A lightproof, soundproof tank of salt water in which a person floats as a form of deep relaxation

antitank US English

For use against enemy tanks

header tank in header US English

A raised tank of water maintaining pressure in a plumbing system

tank US Thesaurus

a hot water tank

tank English-Spanish

depósito masculine, tanque masculine

tank up English-Spanish

llenar el tanque, repostar

fish tank English-Spanish

pecera feminine (rectangular)

fuel tank English-Spanish


gas tank English-Spanish


tank car English-Spanish

vagón masculine cisterna, carro

tank top English-Spanish


petrol tank English-Spanish


think tank English-Spanish

gabinete, comité

tank engine English-Spanish

locomotora feminine ténder

tank killer English-Spanish

cazatanques masculine

tank wagon English-Spanish

→ tank car

septic tank English-Spanish

pozo, fosa feminine séptica, cámara feminine séptica Southern Cone/Cono Sur

water tank English-Spanish


tank up English-Spanish

llenar el tanque, repostar

tank/cavalry unit in unit English-Spanish

unidad blindada/de caballería

the tank takes 20 gallons in take English-Spanish

el depósito tiene cabida para 20 galones

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