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territory US English

An area of land under the jurisdiction of a ruler or state

Territory in territory US English

(Especially in the US, Canada, or Australia) an organized division of a country that is not yet admitted to the full rights of a state

territory US Thesaurus

the island is a U.S. territory

Territory rig US English

Semi-formal dress for a man consisting of a white shirt, long trousers (or shorts with long white socks), and no jacket

home territory US English

Territory belonging to one's home, country, etc.; (figurative) a subject or area with which one is familiar or comfortable.

territory wool US English

Wool produced from sheep reared west of the Mississippi River in a (former) territory of the United States; compare note at sense 4.

trust territory US English

A territory under the trusteeship of the United Nations or of a country designated by it

Union Territory US English

Any of several territories of India that are administered by the central government

Yukon Territory US English

A territory in northwestern Canada, on the border with Alaska; population 30,372 (2006); capital, Whitehorse. The population increased briefly during the Klondike gold rush 1897–99

capital territory US English

A territory containing the capital city of a country, in Australia, Nigeria, Pakistan, and elsewhere

Northern Territory US English

A state in northern central Australia; population 219,818 (2008); capital town, Darwin. The territory was annexed by the state of South Australia in 1863 and administered by the Commonwealth of Australia from 1911. It became a self-governing territory in 1978

territory rights US English

The rights by which a person or group of persons is permitted to operate in or to exploit the resources of a territory.

Mississippi Territory US English

A former U.S. territory (established in 1798) in the southern part of North America, occupying approximately the area now occupied by the states of Mississippi and Alabama.

Northwest Territory US English

A region and former territory of the US that lies between the Mississippi and Ohio rivers and the Great Lakes. It was acquired in 1783 after the American Revolution and now forms the states of Indiana, Ohio, Michigan, Illinois, and Wisconsin

Jervis Bay Territory US English

A territory on Jervis Bay on the southeastern coast of Australia

go with the territory US English

Be an unavoidable result of a particular situation

Australian Capital Territory US English

A federal territory in New South Wales, Australia, that consists of two enclaves ceded by New South Wales—one in 1911 to contain Canberra, the other in 1915 containing Jervis Bay. The latter became the Jervis Bay Territory in 1988

British Antarctic Territory US English

That part of Antarctica claimed by Britain. It includes about 150,058 square miles (388,500 sq km) of the continent of Antarctica as well as the South Orkney and South Shetland islands in the South Atlantic Ocean

British overseas territory US English

A territory that is under the sovereignty of the UK but does not form part of the UK itself, such as Bermuda, Gibraltar, and the Falkland Islands

Australian Antarctic Territory US English

An area of Antarctica that lies between longitudes 142° east and 136° east. It is administered by Australia

British Indian Ocean Territory US English

A British overseas territory in the Indian Ocean that consists of the islands of the Chagos Archipelago and (until 1976) some other groups that now belong to the Seychelles. Ceded to Britain by France in 1814, the islands became a separate dependency in 1965

poach on someone's territory US English

Encroach on someone else’s rights

National Capital Territory of Delhi US English

A territory in north central India containing the old city of Delhi and the capital New Delhi

Pacific Islands, Trust Territory of the US English

A UN trusteeship established in 1947 under US administration and dissolved in 1994. It included the Caroline, Marshall, and Mariana islands, today all components of the Marshall Islands, the Northern Mariana Islands, the Federated States of Micronesia, or Palau

Afars and Issas, French Territory of the US English

Former name (1946–77) of Djibouti.

poach on someone's territory in poach2 US English

Encroach on someone else’s rights

go with the territory in territory US English

Be an unavoidable result of a particular situation

go or come with the territory in territory US English

Be an unavoidable result of a particular situation