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their US English

Belonging to or associated with the people or things previously mentioned or easily identified

boy US English

A son

in our midst US English

Among us (or you or them)

on the part of US English

Used to ascribe responsibility for something to someone

Their in their US English

Used in titles

one's best in best US English

The peak of condition; the highest standard or level that a person or thing can reach

doom US English

Death, destruction, or some other terrible fate

to one's face US English

Openly in one’s presence

to one's feet US English

To a standing position

one's kind US English

People with whom one has a great deal in common

someone's kind US English

Used to express disapproval of a certain type of person

—— one's last US English

Do something for the last time

to one's bones in to the bone US English

Used to emphasize that a person has a specified quality in an overwhelming or fundamental way

taste US English

A person’s tendency to like and dislike certain things

to one's credit US English

Used to indicate that something praiseworthy has been achieved, especially despite difficulties

dismay US English

Consternation and distress, typically that caused by something unexpected

to one's liking US English

To one’s taste; pleasing

regret US English

A feeling of sadness, repentance, or disappointment over something that has happened or been done

your US English

Used to denote someone or something that is familiar or typical of its kind

give someone their due US English

Be fair to someone

put their heads together US English

Consult and work together

act one's age US English

Behave in a manner appropriate to someone of one’s age and not to someone much younger

amazement US English

A feeling of great surprise or wonder

at someone's back US English

In pursuit or support of someone

on one's back US English

In bed recovering from an injury or illness

one's bearings in bearing US English

Awareness of one’s position relative to one’s surroundings

do one's best US English

Do all one can

do one's bit US English

Make a useful contribution to an effort or cause

call US English

A decision, judgement, or prediction

case1 US English

The situation affecting or relating to a particular person or thing; one’s circumstances or position

on someone's case US English

Continually (or no longer) criticizing or harassing someone

not someone's day US English

Used to convey that someone has had a bad day

do someone's head in US English

Make someone extremely angry, worried, or agitated

duty US English

A moral or legal obligation; a responsibility

at ease US English

Free from worry, awkwardness, or problems; relaxed

in one's face US English

Directly at or against one; as one approaches

at someone's feet US English

As someone’s disciple or subject

on one's feet US English


off one's game US English

Playing badly (or well)

in someone's hair US English

Annoying (or ceasing to annoy) someone

in one's head US English

By mental process without use of physical aids

ilk US English

A type of people or things similar to those already referred to

in someone's lap US English

As someone’s responsibility

be someone's man US English

Be the person perfectly suited to a particular requirement or task

on someone's mind US English

Preoccupying someone, especially in a disquieting way

in someone's name US English

Formally registered as belonging to or reserved for someone

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