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thief US English

A person who steals another person’s property, especially by stealth and without using force or violence

thief US Thesaurus

the thief is at large

thief English-Spanish


car thief in thief English-Spanish

ladrón, -drona masculine, feminine de coches, jalador, -dora masculine, feminine de carros Colombia

horse thief in thief English-Spanish

ladrón, cuatrero masculine

once a thief, always a thief in once English-Spanish

quien roba una vez roba diez

we tore after the thief in tear English-Spanish

nos lanzamos tras el ladrón, salimos corriendo tras el ladrón

to set a thief to catch a thief in thief English-Spanish

nada mejor que un ladrón para atrapar a otro ladrón

she's no better than a thief in better English-Spanish

es una ladrona, ni más ni menos

I got a good look at the thief in look English-Spanish

pude ver muy bien al ladrón

they denounced him to the police as a thief in denounce English-Spanish

lo denunciaron a la policía por ladrón

are you suggesting (that) my son is a thief? in suggest English-Spanish

¿insinúa usted que mi hijo es un ladrón?