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ticket US English

A piece of paper or small card that gives the holder a certain right, especially to enter a place, travel by public transport, or participate in an event

ticket US Thesaurus

present your ticket at the gate

e-ticket US English

A reservation for an airline flight for which the details are recorded electronically without the issuing of a paper ticket

all-ticket US English

Denoting an event, especially a sports match, for which spectators must buy tickets in advance

big-ticket US English

Constituting a major expense

day ticket US English

A ticket valid for the whole of the day of issue, especially one allowing the purchaser to make a number of separate journeys or visits during the course of that day, or to have access to a particular place for the whole of that day.

hard ticket US English

A person who is difficult or dangerous to deal with; an unscrupulous person.

high-ticket US English

Another term for big-ticket.

hot ticket US English

A person or thing that is much in demand

meal ticket US English

A person or thing that is used as a source of regular income

meat ticket US English

= meal ticket (literal and figurative).

pass ticket US English

A ticket allowing the holder to enter or leave a place.

pawn ticket US English

A ticket issued by a pawnbroker in exchange for an article pawned, bearing particulars of the loan

sick ticket US English

A person with an affinity for sick humor

time ticket US English

A ticket used to indicate or record the time of something, as the period during which a ticket is valid, the time worked by an employee, etc.

class ticket US English

A ticket gaining admission to a professor's class, especially one signed by the professor as confirmation that the student had completed the course to the professor's satisfaction.

dream ticket US English

A pair of candidates standing together for political office who are ideally matched to attract widespread support

price ticket US English

= price tag.

punch ticket US English

A ticket (as a railway ticket) into which a holes or holes are punched to indicate that it has been used.

ration ticket US English

= ration card.

relief ticket US English

(In early use) a small sum of money given to alleviate hardship; (later) a ticket or voucher enabling a person to claim relief.

remove ticket US English

A document of discharge issued to a sailor at the end of a voyage.

rover ticket US English

A ticket permitting unlimited travel on buses, trains, or other public transport in an area for a specified period

season ticket US English

A ticket for a period of travel or a series of events that costs less than purchasing several separate tickets

small ticket US English

US Navy slang a bad conduct discharge or a dishonourable discharge (now rare).

smart ticket US English

A certificate signed by a ship's surgeon entitling a sailor to a payment or pension in compensation for a disability or injury suffered while in service.

swing ticket US English

An information tag attached by a string to an article for sale

ticket holder US English

A person who has bought a ticket, especially for a sporting fixture or other event

ticket office US English

An office or kiosk where tickets are sold, especially for entertainment events or travel accommodations

train ticket US English

A ticket enabling a passenger to travel on a train, a railway ticket.

unity ticket US English

An alliance of candidates of differing political or ideological persuasions, in order to gain electoral advantage

burgess ticket US English

A certificate attesting that a person is a burgess of a particular corporation.

general ticket US English

The system by which the whole list of candidates for the representation, e.g. of a state or city, is voted upon by the undivided body of electors.

liberty ticket US English

A document declaring that a sailor has leave to go ashore.

omnibus ticket US English

A bus ticket.

package ticket US English

A discounted ticket entitling the holder to a specified number of journeys or admissions.

pakapoo ticket US English

A ticket in the Chinese gambling game pakapoo

parking ticket US English

A notice telling a driver of a fine imposed for parking illegally, typically attached to a car windshield

platform ticket US English

A ticket allowing a non-traveller access to a railway station platform

register ticket US English

A certificate from the Registrar of Seamen confirming that a person is registered and suitably qualified for employment in the merchant navy.

reserve ticket US English

The designation given to the reserve for a prize.

walking ticket US English

= walking papers.

commutation ticket US English

A ticket issued at a reduced rate by a railroad or bus company, entitling the holder to travel a given route a fixed number of times or during a specified period

punch one's ticket US English

Do or achieve something that enables one to progress to the next step

split the ticket US English

Vote for candidates of more than one party

write one's ticket US English

Dictate one’s own terms

ticket of leave US English

A document granting certain concessions, especially leave, to a prisoner or convict who had served part of their time

ticket to/out of in ticket US English

A method of getting into or out of (a specified state or situation)

bus ticket collector US English

An official responsible for ensuring that passengers are travelling with valid bus tickets and for issuing tickets when necessary.

straight US English

Supporting all the principles and candidates of one political party

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