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time US English

The indefinite continued progress of existence and events in the past, present, and future regarded as a whole

time US Thesaurus

what time is it?

time New Oxford Dictionary for Writers & Editors

capital when personified; time of day in numerals with full point (colon in US) where time contains minutes or hours, as 9.35, 09.35, but spelled out in phrases such as ‘half past ten’

punch the clock US English

(Of an employee) punch in or out

Time in time US English

The personification of time, typically as an old man with a scythe and hourglass

me time US English

Time spent relaxing on one’s own as opposed to working or doing things for others, seen as an opportunity to reduce stress or restore energy

in time US English

Not late; punctual

no time US English

A very short interval or period

on time US English

Punctual; punctually

all-time US English


any time US English

At whatever time

bath time US English

The usual time at which a baby or child is washed in a bath

beat time US English

Indicate or follow a musical tempo with a baton or other means

big time US English

The highest or most successful level in a career, especially in entertainment

buy time US English

Delay an event temporarily so as to have longer to improve one’s own position

core time US English

The central part of the working day in a flexitime system, when an employee must be present

dead time US English

Time in which someone or something is inactive or unable to act productively

deep time US English

The multimillion year time frame within which scientists believe the earth has existed, and which is supported by the observation of natural, mostly geological, phenomena

face time US English

Time spent in face-to-face contact with someone

full-time US English

Occupying or using the whole of someone’s available working time, typically 40 hours in a week

good-time US English

(Of a person) having the pursuit of pleasure as one’s chief aim

hang time US English

The number of seconds during which a punted ball is in the air

lead time US English

The time between the initiation and completion of a production process

make time US English

Find an occasion when time is available to do something

mark time US English

(Of troops) march on the spot without moving forward

mean time US English

Another term for mean solar time.

old-time US English

Relating to or characteristic of the past; long-standing

one-time US English


part-time US English

For only part of the usual working day or week

post time US English

The time at which a race is scheduled to start and entrants must be at their starting positions

real time US English

The actual time during which a process or event occurs

rise time US English

The time required for a pulse to rise from 10 percent to 90 percent of its steady value

seed time US English

The sowing season

seek time US English

The time taken for a disk drive to locate the area on the disk where the data to be read is stored

show time US English

The time at which a play, film, or concert is scheduled to begin

stop time US English

(In jazz) a rhythmic device whereby a chord or accent is played only on the first beat of every bar or every other bar, typically accompanying a solo

talk time US English

The time during which a mobile telephone is in use to handle calls, especially as a measure of the duration of the telephone’s battery

tell time US English

Be able to ascertain the time from reading the face of a clock or watch

term time US English

The part of the year during which instruction is being given in schools, colleges, or universities

keep time US English

Play or rhythmically accompany music in time

time was US English

There was a time when

time ball US English

A timepiece consisting of a sphere which at a certain moment each day is allowed to fall down a vertical rod

time base US English

A signal for uniformly and repeatedly deflecting the electron beam of a cathode ray tube

time bomb US English

A bomb designed to explode at a preset time

time code US English

A coded signal on videotape or film giving information about such things as frame number, time of recording, or exposure

time fuse US English

A fuse calculated to burn for or explode a bomb, shell, or explosive charge at a specified time

time lock US English

A lock fitted with a device that prevents it from being unlocked until a set time

time off US English

Time for rest or recreation away from one’s usual work or studies

time out US English

Time for rest or recreation away from one’s usual work or studies

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