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tongue US English

The fleshy muscular organ in the mouth of a mammal, used for tasting, licking, swallowing, and (in humans) articulating speech

tongue US Thesaurus

a foreign tongue

ox-tongue US English

An Old World plant of the daisy family with yellow dandelionlike flowers and prickly hairs on the stem and leaves

acid tongue US English

A sharp or severe manner of speaking, especially one characterized by cutting or acerbic remarks.

dog's tongue US English

Any of various plants constituting the genus Cynoglossum (family Boraginaceae), especially a European weed, C. officinale, with dark red flowers, which was formerly used medicinally. Also called hound's-tongue.

ice tongue US English

A body of ice that projects outwards or downwards from a glacier, ice sheet, coastline, etc., especially one that is relatively long and narrow.

give tongue US English

(Of hounds) bark, especially on finding a scent

tongue ring US English

A small ornamental bar worn through a pierced tongue.

tongue stud US English

A small ornamental stud or bar worn through a pierced tongue.

tongue-tie US English

A malformation that restricts the movement of the tongue and causes a speech impediment

tongue-tied US English

Too shy or embarrassed to speak

tongue worm US English

A flattened wormlike parasite that infests vertebrates, especially reptiles, having a sucking mouth with hooks for attachment to the lining of the respiratory tract

tongue-tied US Thesaurus

he was tongue-tied with strangers

adder's tongue US English

A widely distributed atypical fern that has a single pointed oval leaf and a straight unbranched spore-bearing stem

black tongue US English

(Originally) any of various diseases or disorders exhibiting a dark discoloration of the tongue, especially blackleg in livestock or (more fully black tongue fever) typhus, typhoid, or meningococcal meningitis in humans; (in later use also) niacin deficiency, especially in livestock or domestic animals; pellagra.

earth tongue US English

The tongue-shaped fruiting body of any of various ascomycete fungi of the family Geoglossaceae, especially those of the genus Geoglossum.

hart's tongue US English

A common European fern whose long, narrow undivided fronds are said to resemble the tongues of deer

lamb's tongue US English

Another term for lamb's ears.

loose tongue US English

A tendency to speak indiscreetly

mother tongue US English

The language that a person has grown up speaking from early childhood

neat's tongue US English

The tongue of a cow or ox, especially as an article of food.

parrot tongue US English

The tongue of a person who repeats words or phrases parrot-fashion; the tongue of a person who talks a lot or who is a good mimic.

rough tongue US English

The habit of speaking rudely

silver tongue US English

A tendency to be eloquent and persuasive in speaking

smooth tongue US English

The ability or tendency to use insincere flattery or persuasion

vulgar tongue US English

The national or vernacular language of a people (used typically to contrast such a language with Latin)

hound's-tongue US English

A tall plant of the borage family that has a mousy smell and bears long silky hairs, small purplish flowers, and tongue-shaped leaves

reindeer tongue US English

The tongue of a reindeer, usually smoked, considered as a delicacy.

tongue-lashing US English

A loud or severe scolding

tongue-twister US English

A sequence of words or sounds, typically of an alliterative kind, that are difficult to pronounce quickly and correctly, as, for example, tie twine to three tree twigs

tongue depressor US English

An instrument, typically a small flat piece of wood, used by health practitioners to press down the tongue in order to allow inspection of the mouth or throat

bite one's tongue US English

Make a desperate effort to avoid saying something

with forked tongue US English

Untruthfully; deceitfully

hold one's tongue US English

Remain silent

mother-in-law's tongue US English

A West African plant of the agave family, having long slender leaves with yellow marginal stripes, often grown as a houseplant

find one's tongue US English

Be able (or unable) to express oneself after a shock

tongue in cheek US English

Without really meaning what one is saying or writing

tongue and groove US English

Wooden planking in which adjacent boards are joined by means of interlocking ridges and grooves down their sides

tongue-in-cheek US English

With ironic or flippant intent

loosen someone's tongue US English

Make someone talk freely

get one's tongue around US English

Pronounce (words)

whip and tongue grafting US English

A method of grafting in which both stock and scion are cut diagonally and their surfaces are provided with matching tongues which interlock when the graft is tied

on the tip of one's tongue US English

Used to indicate that someone is almost but not quite able to bring a particular word or name to mind

has the cat got your tongue? US English

Said to someone who, when expected to speak, remains silent

someone's tongue is hanging out US English

Someone is very eager for something

slip of the pen US English

A minor mistake in writing (or speech)

trip1 US English

(Of words) flow lightly and easily

give tongue in tongue US English

(Of hounds) bark, especially on finding a scent

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