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top1 US English

The highest or uppermost point, part, or surface of something

top2 US English

A conical, spherical, or pear-shaped toy that with a quick or vigorous twist may be set to spin

top US Thesaurus

the top of the cliff

blow one's lid US English

Lose one’s temper

sleep like a log US English

Sleep very soundly

the top in top1 US English

The highest or most important rank, level, or position

T-top US English

A car roof with removable panels

Top 40 US English

The forty most popular songs of a given time period

on top US English

On the highest point or uppermost surface

top-up US English

An additional or extra amount or payment that restores something to the level that is required

up top US English

In the brain (with reference to intelligence)

top-up New Oxford Dictionary for Writers & Editors

(hyphen, two words as verb)

big top US English

The main tent in a circus

top gun US English

A (or the) most important person

out-top US English

Surpass in number, amount, height, or extent

pop-top US English

(Of a can) having a ring or tab that is pulled to open its seal

red top US English

A tabloid

tip-top US English

Of the very best class or quality; excellent

top out US English

Reach an upper limit

top dog US English

A person who is successful or dominant in their field

top-end US English

(Of a product) at the top of a range; high quality or sophisticated

top hat US English

A man’s formal hat with a high cylindrical crown

boot top US English

The part of a ship’s hull just above the waterline, typically marked by a line of contrasting color

crop top US English

A woman’s casual garment or undergarment for the upper body, cut short so that it reveals the stomach

curly top US English

A viral disease affecting plants, especially beets and members of the gourd family, spread by beetles, particularly the beet leafhopper. Infected plants become dwarfed and have puckered, distorted foliage

flip-top US English

Denoting or having a lid or cover that can be easily opened by pulling, pushing, or flicking it with the fingers

high-top US English

Denoting a sneaker with a laced upper that extends some distance above the wearer’s ankle

open-top US English

(Of a vehicle) not having a roof or having a folding or detachable roof

screw top US English

Another term for screw cap.

seal-top US English

(Of a spoon) having a flat design resembling an embossed seal at the end of its handle

shell top US English

A short sleeveless top, typically having button fastenings down the back and a simple shape with a high neckline

soft-top US English

another term for convertible1noun1noun1noun.

tank top US English

A close-fitting sleeveless top

top forty US English

The first forty (or ten, etc.) records in the pop music charts

top boot US English

A high boot with a broad band of a different material or color at the top

top-class US English

Of the highest quality; excellent

top copy US English

The original typed or handwritten copy of a letter or document of which carbon copies have been made

top-down US English

Denoting a system of government or management in which actions and policies are initiated at the highest level; hierarchical

top edge US English

A shot hit into the air off the upper edge of a bat held sideways

top fruit US English

Fruit grown on trees rather than bushes

top-grade US English

Of the highest quality; excellent

top-heavy US English

Disproportionately heavy at the top so as to be in danger of toppling

top-hole US English

Excellent; first-rate

top kill US English

A procedure designed to seal a leaking oil well, whereby large amounts of a material heavier than the oil (e.g., mud) are pumped into the affected well

top-level US English

Of the highest level of importance or prestige

top light US English

A skylight

top-line US English

Of the highest quality or ranking

top-notch US English

Of the highest quality; excellent

top note US English

A dominant scent in a perfume

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