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town US English

An urban area that has a name, defined boundaries, and local government, and that is generally larger than a village and smaller than a city

capital1 US English

The most important city or town of a country or region, usually its seat of government and administrative center

town US Thesaurus

they live in a town just outside Milwaukee

town–gown US English

Designating or relating to interactions between the inhabitants of a university town and members of the university.

agro-town US English

= agrogorod (now historical); (also) a similar grouping of agricultural communities outside the Soviet Union.

boom town US English

A town undergoing rapid growth due to sudden prosperity

Boys Town US English

A village in east central Nebraska, just west of Omaha, noted as a home for troubled youth; population 977 (est. 2008)

Cape Town US English

A city in southwestern South Africa at the foot of Table Mountain, the legislative capital of the country and the administrative capital of the province of Western Cape; population 3,569,400 (est. 2009)

mill town US English

Scottish a set of buildings or hamlet adjoining a mill.

mine town US English

A town populated chiefly by local miners.

new town US English

A planned urban center created in an undeveloped or rural area, especially with government sponsorship

old town US English

The older part of a city or town contained within its modern limits.

open town US English

= open city.

port town US English

A seaport town; = port.

post town US English

A town having a main branch of the Post Office or its own postcode

Road Town US English

The capital of the British Virgin Islands, situated on the island of Tortola; population 9,300 (est. 2009)

tank town US English

A small unimportant town (used originally of a town at which trains stopped to take on water)

town acre US English

A unit of urban land given to a settler who bought a large area of uncleared rural land

town ball US English

= baseball.

town belt US English

Areas of open land around a city, on which building is restricted

town bike US English

(With the) a woman who is notorious in a particular town for her promiscuity.

town book US English

A book in which the records of a town are kept.

town-born US English

Born in a particular town; born in a town or other urban area.

town box US English

A box containing the public funds, documents, etc., of a town; the town chest.

town bull US English

A bull owned in common by a town or parish (now historical); (figurative) a man likened to such a bull, especially in being promiscuous.

town camp US English

An Aboriginal camp in or near a town

town car US English

A limousine

town-dab US English

The lemon sole, Microstomus kitt.

town end US English

The end of the main street of a town or village; one of the extremities of a town.

town folk US English

As a mass noun.

town foot US English

The lower end of a town or village.

town gate US English

A gate in the wall surrounding a town.

town hall US English

A building used for the administration of local government

town herd1 US English

A herd consisting of the sheep, cattle, or other livestock owned by the inhabitants of a town or parish.

town herd2 US English

The person responsible for gathering and pasturing the sheep, cattle, or other livestock owned by the inhabitants of a town.

town lady US English

A woman (especially one of higher social status) who lives in a town.

town life US English

Life in a town; specifically the social life of a town.

town-made US English

That is produced in a town; originating from the town as opposed to the countryside.

town man US English

A person (especially a man) who lives or was born in a (particular) town or city; a town dweller; a townsman.

town miss US English

A young woman who lives in a town; specifically a kept mistress, a prostitute.

town park US English

(In Ireland) any of a number of small fields or plots of ground adjoining a town or village, usually let for cultivation or pasture; an allotment.

town plan US English

A plan of a town; specifically a ground plan showing the positions of the streets and buildings in the proposed development of a town.

town-plan US English

To plan and control the construction, growth, and development of a town or other urban area; to engage in town planning. Now rare.

town plat US English

An area of land constituting a (proposed) town or township.

town plot US English

= town plat.

town talk US English

The common talk or gossip of the people of a town; a person or matter discussed in this way.

town wait US English

(In plural) = wait.

town wall US English

The wall surrounding (or formerly surrounding) a town.

town way US English

A road or way leading to or from a town.

twin town US English

A town which has established official or social links with another, typically in a different country

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