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trans. US English

Transaction; transactions

trans1 US English

Denoting or relating to a molecular structure in which two particular atoms or groups lie on opposite sides of a given plane in the molecule, in particular denoting an isomer in which substituents at opposite ends of a carbon-carbon double bond are also on opposite sides of the bond

trans2 US English

Short for transsexual or transgender.

trans- US English

Across; beyond

trans fat US English

Another term for trans-fatty acid.

trans-Pacific US English

Crossing the Pacific

trans-fatty acid US English

An unsaturated fatty acid of a type occurring in margarines and manufactured cooking oils as a result of the hydrogenation process, having a trans arrangement of the carbon atoms adjacent to its double bonds. Consumption of such acids is thought to increase the risk of atherosclerosis

Trans-Alaska Pipeline US English

An oil pipeline that extends for 800 miles (1,300 km) from Prudhoe Bay on the North Slope of Alaska to Valdez on Prince William Sound

Trans-Canada Highway US English

A route, 4,860 miles (7,820 km) long, between Victoria in British Columbia and Saint John’s in Newfoundland

Trans-Siberian Railway US English

A railway running from Moscow east around Lake Baikal to Vladivostok on the Sea of Japan, a distance of 9,311 km (5,786 miles). Begun in 1891 and virtually completed by 1904, it opened up Siberia and advanced Russian interest in eastern Asia

transman US English

A female-to-male transsexual

transship US English

Transfer (cargo) from one ship or other form of transport to another

transborder US English

Crossing or extending across a border between two countries

transglobal US English

(Of an expedition, enterprise, search, or network) moving or extending across or around the world

transonic US English

Denoting or relating to speeds close to that of sound

transperson US English

A person who is transgender or transsexual

transracial US English

Across or crossing racial boundaries

transwoman US English

A male-to-female transsexual

transoceanic US English

Crossing an ocean

transactivation US English

Activation of a gene at one locus by the presence of a particular gene at another locus, typically following infection by a virus

transcultural US English

Relating to or involving more than one culture; cross-cultural

transhistorical US English

Transcending historical boundaries; eternal

transnational US English

Extending or operating across national boundaries

transsynaptic US English

Occurring or existing across a nerve synapse

transcontinental US English

(Especially of a railroad line) crossing a continent

transdisciplinary US English

Relating to more than one branch of knowledge; interdisciplinary

transdifferentiation US English

The rare natural transformation of cells other than stem cells into a different cell type

trans-butenedioic acid in fumaric acid US English

A crystalline acid, isomeric with maleic acid, present in fumitory and many other plants

trans-1,2-diphenylethene in stilbene US English

A synthetic aromatic hydrocarbon that forms phosphorescent crystals and is used in dye manufacture

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