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trophy US English

A cup or other decorative object awarded as a prize for a victory or success

-trophy US English

In nouns corresponding to adjectives ending in -trophic (such as phototrophy corresponding to phototrophic)

trophy US Thesaurus

a swimming trophy

trophy flag US English

A flag captured in battle and kept as a trophy.

trophy lock US English

A lock of hair cut from the head of an enemy or victim and kept as a trophy.

trophy race US English

A race for which a particular trophy is awarded as a prize.

trophy tax US English

An annual tax for incidental expenses connected with the militia (the provision of harness, drums, colours, etc.), formerly levied in every English county, now only in the City of London.

trophy wife US English

A young, attractive wife regarded as a status symbol for an older man

status trophy US English

= status symbol.

trophy badge US English

An object or mark (on the clothing or body) celebrating the defeat or death of an enemy; specifically a mark on the side of an aircraft or vessel indicating an enemy plane or ship destroyed in action.

trophy bearer US English

Greek Orthodox Church a person who carries a symbol of victory, especially Christ's victory over death.

trophy child US English

A child whose birth or achievements are paraded to enhance the parents' status

trophy hunter US English

A collector of (especially hunting) trophies.

trophy money US English

= trophy tax.

Heisman Trophy US English

An annual award given to the outstanding college football player in the US by the Downtown Athletic Club of New York City

Tourist Trophy US English

A motorcycle-racing competition held annually on roads in the Isle of Man since 1907

trophy hunting US English

The collection of (especially hunting) trophies.

trophy decoration US English

Decoration depicting objects which might be considered as trophies, such as weapons, musical instruments, scrolls, sculpture, etc.