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tube US English

A long, hollow cylinder of metal, plastic, glass, etc., for holding or transporting something, chiefly liquids or gases

tube US Thesaurus

the fluid travels through the tube

the Tube in tube US English

The subway system in London

tubed in tube US English

Provide with a tube or tubes

go down the tubes US English

Be completely lost or wasted; fail utterly

boob tube US English

Television or a television set

lava tube US English

A natural tunnel within a solidified lava flow, formerly occupied by flowing molten lava

test tube US English

A thin glass tube closed at one end, used to hold small amounts of material for laboratory testing or experiments

tube foot US English

(In an echinoderm) each of a large number of small, flexible, hollow appendages protruding through the ambulacra, used either for locomotion or for collecting food and operated by hydraulic pressure within the water-vascular system

tube pan US English

A round cake pan with a hollow, cone-shaped center, used for baking ring-shaped cakes

tube sock US English

A sock without a shaped heel

tube top US English

A tight-fitting strapless top made of stretchy material and worn by women or girls

tube well US English

Another term for sand point well.

tube worm US English

A marine bristle worm, especially a fan worm, that lives in a tube made from sand particles or in a calcareous tube that it secretes

worm tube US English

The calcareous or sandy tube of some sedentary marine worms, such as fan worms

X-ray tube US English

A device for generating X-rays by accelerating electrons to high energies and causing them to strike a metal target from which the X-rays are emitted

test tube New Oxford Dictionary for Writers & Editors

(two words, hyphen when attributive)

flash tube US English

A gas discharge tube used, especially in photography, to provide an electronic flash when a current is suddenly passed through it

inner tube US English

A separate inflatable tube inside a pneumatic tire

neural tube US English

(In an embryo) a hollow structure from which the brain and spinal cord form. Defects in its development can result in congenital abnormalities such as spina bifida

pitot tube US English

An open-ended right-angled tube pointing into the flow of a fluid and used to measure pressure

pollen tube US English

A hollow tube that develops from a pollen grain when deposited on the stigma of a flower. It penetrates the style and conveys the male gametes to the ovule

sieve tube US English

A series of sieve tube elements placed end to end to form a continuous tube

tube-shaped US English

Long, round, and hollow like a tube

vacuum tube US English

An electron tube containing a near-vacuum that allows the free passage of electric current

drainage tube US English

A tube, usually of clear flexible plastic with lateral perforations, for draining a wound, abscess, etc.

electron tube US English

An evacuated or gas-filled tube in which a current of electrons flows between electrodes

Geissler tube US English

A sealed tube of glass or quartz with a central constriction, filled with vapor for the production of a luminous electrical discharge

picture tube US English

The cathode ray tube of a television set designed for the reproduction of television pictures

speaking tube US English

A pipe for conveying a person’s voice from one room or building to another

stomach tube US English

A tube passed into the stomach via the gullet for cleansing or emptying it or for introducing food

torpedo tube US English

A tube in a submarine or other ship from which torpedoes are fired by the use of compressed air or an explosive charge

Geissler tube New Oxford Dictionary for Writers & Editors

tube producing a luminous electrical discharge

bronchial tube US English

A bronchus or a primary branch off of one

discharge tube US English

A tube containing charged electrodes and filled with a gas in which ionization is induced by an electric field. The gas molecules emit light as they return to the ground state

Eustachian tube US English

A narrow passage leading from the pharynx to the cavity of the middle ear, permitting the equalization of pressure on each side of the eardrum

extension tube US English

A tube fitted to a camera between the body and lens to shorten the distance of closest focus of an object so that close-up pictures can be taken

fallopian tube US English

(In a female mammal) either of a pair of tubes along which eggs travel from the ovaries to the uterus

thermionic tube US English

An electron tube giving a unidirectional flow of electrons emitted from a hot cathode, used especially in the rectification of a current and in radio reception

fluorescent tube US English

A glass tube that radiates light when phosphor on its inside surface is made to fluoresce by ultraviolet radiation from mercury vapor

test-tube baby US English

A baby conceived by in vitro fertilization

tracheotomy tube US English

A breathing tube inserted into a tracheotomy

tube-nosed bat US English

An Old World bat with tubular nostrils

cathode ray tube US English

A high-vacuum tube in which cathode rays produce a luminous image on a fluorescent screen, used chiefly in televisions and computer terminals

sieve tube element US English

A sieve element of a type present in angiosperms, a series of which are joined end to end to form sieve tubes, with sieve plates between the elements

water-tube boiler US English

A form of boiler in which steam is generated by circulating water through tubes exposed to the source of heat (as opposed to the more usual arrangement in which tubes carry hot gases through the water)

the tube in tube US English


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